He was born a little girl that no one dreamed ... how much it would change our whole life! This little girl grew up, charmed and ... changed our WORLD! Always excites us! His smile is unique! Always smiling ever shows in sorrow! A warrior who always of a comeback ... no matter the situation! His love is unconditional for FANS! Always show your best in everything you do! Their songs are great lessons of life ... that encourage us to live, to fight and win! Selena this is a small homage. A small part of all our love! You are one of the reasons of our life! Our life without you would have no meaning! A day without you is an eternity! Selena now you're grown, beautiful ... is more mature! Her smile makes us happy makes us smile unto you, your tears make us sad because we feel everything you feel! You ask us why so much love? And we answer: Because you're the one who taught us ... Best friends! The do good without regard to who! A smile in the saddest hours! The never give up our dreams! Selly you taught us to be good people! You taught us to embrace the opportunities! SELENA A DAY WITHOUT YOU IS LIKE A YEAR WITHOUT RAIN! I'm lost without you, no one to save me !! It feels like a cliff near death! Exaggeration? DO NOT !!! Only love! Selly you fight for your dreams and even what people say you never gave up! That's why I love you !! His voice inspires us to believe ... In inspires love! And never give up !! Selly now you understand why we are your fans? I could make thousands of tributes to you nothing will show all my love to you !!! HappyBirthdaySelenaFromBrazil @SelenaGomez Likeforlike Follows Followforlike Like4like Tumblr Weheartit Selena Gomez
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