Grandmas heat happy every day.

Very sick dog. Dead sons baby girl. Took eveything I had & could borrow. But, she lives when she shouldnt... Dog Dog Love Pomeranian Sickphotography Heartbreakingmoment Totally Worth It $1700 that I didnt have, I found... Wasnt ready to loose the only baby my son left me... Lovedogs Loved Sickbaby her system was shutting down and I only had access to 1/2 of the money needed for her ER surgery...(but, thanks to the beautiful people and their desire to help me find a way to save my deceased sons baby girl...) the Dr herself at Dimond Animal Hosp in Anchorage helped me, help Deb. That is something I can never forget. Deb, now edging up on 13, keeps a Grandmas Heat Happy Every Day. Animal Love Animal Caretaker Animal Children Grandmother Anchorage Alaska Veterinary Clinic 2013 This is my thank you to the most perfect Veterinarian I have met. You saw I couldnt loose her and you went so far beyond to help me find a way. Thank You! The Photojournalist - 2016 EyeEm Awards