Before my window

Come in, you're welcome! The blackbird was waiting for fresh bird seed. It was a beautiful experience when I discovered how she looked curiously through the window... Before My Window Bird Photography Birds Of EyeEm  Birds_collection Birds🐦⛅ Birdwatching Blackbird Feathered Friends Hello World ✌ Hungry Hungry Bird Ladyphotographerofthemonth Look At Me! Thanks For Following Me! Through The Window View Through The Window Wild Birds
Young bluetit. The colors of its plumage are not developed yet. The head is still gray instead of blue and the yellow of the body is very tender. Fluffy little cutie! PS. Photo taken through the window :-) Animal Themes Animals In The Wild Before My Window Bird Photography Birdfreaks Birds Of EyeEm  Birds_collection Birds_n_branches Birds🐦⛅ Birdwatching Bluetit Cuteness Cutenessoverload Feathered Friends Fluffy Nature Nature Photography Thanks For Following Me! Things I Like Through The Window Wild Birds Young Bird Zoom
Knock Knock! Is anyone at home? What about breakfast? Animal Themes Before My Window Beliebte Fotos Bird Photography Birds Birds Of EyeEm  Birds_collection Birdsofinstagram Birds🐦⛅ Birdwatching Black Birds Black Color Feathered Beauty Feathered Friends From My Point Of View Hungry Birds Ladyphotographerofthemonth Look At Me! Tadaa Community Tadaa Friends Things I Like Through The Window Wildlife