I love photographing the crows that come to visit me. I set food out for them. Now if I'm late a crow sits on a branch that is a few feet from the backdoor and caws and caws, saying, "don't forget us!" Crows Crows Everywhere Wildlife Photography Crow Pixlr CROWS!!!! Mybackyard Crows Woods Crowlovers Capture The Moment Crazycrowlady Dark And Light Pixlr Edit
Here is a crow photo from the last week or so. I love crows and all the corvids. They are so intelligent! I feed them nearly everyday. So I've gotten know a few who almost live here during the day. Hanging Out Taking Photos Enjoying Life Light And Shadow Pixlr Pixlredit Crows CROWS!!!! Crowstyle Crows On The Tree Crows Everywhere Crowstand Crows Woods Mybackyard Mybackyardtree Mycrowhaven Crowlovers Crow Crazycrowlady
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