I was tagged by @toy_collecting_brothers to take a Shelfie . This is what the corner cabinet looks like at night. I'm still working on the setup, big time! Contents include: Motu , Dinoriders , Mlpg1 , Motuknockoff and Jemandtheholograms . I nominate @laarhoventoys, @pooptroop and @ninja_vanish_og to shelfie it up! I would nominate @jaimetheteleviper, but he tagged me weeks ago to do an audio-something and I haven't yet done so. Boo... 80stoys Vintagetoys Vintagedolls Vintageactionfigures Toycrewbuddies Toycollector 80spopculture Mattycollector Hasbro Tyco Toycollection Princessofpower Mattel Toypics Shera