Today I salute a true American classic: the Skunk . There are 10 different species of skunks, all of which belong to the Mephitidae family and range from Canada to South America. Known for their foul-smelling spray and warning coloration, skunks also have very bad eyesight. This is a major contributing factor for their rather short lifespans; a typical skunk will only live to be a year old in the wild. Btw, Stinkor and Pew-trid Skunk had a little spray accident. Hopefully a trip to the beauty parlor will fix the problem... Hasbro Actionfigures Vintagetoys Vintageactionfigures 80scartoons 80spopculture 80stoys Battlebeasts Beastformers Toypics Toycrewbuddies Takara Toycollector Motu Actionfigurephotography Mattycollector Mattel Toycommunity Mastersoftheuniverse Eternia Heman
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