Lake Shastina

Sharp as Glass Landscape Sunset Nature Photography Depth Of Field Lake Shastina Mountains Shodows Lake Reflection Mount Shasta, California Sky Clouds And Sky ShadowsDiamond Mafia Photography Fine Art Photography
Linda's Victorian Garden Diamond Mafia PhotographyMt.shasta Nature Photography Sunset Photography Nature Beatiful Nature Lake Shastina Landscape Flowers Alice In Wonderland Mount Shasta, California Garden Garden Photography Garden Architecture Gardens Victorian Chabbychic Fine Art Photography
Landscape Nature Springtime Lake Shastina Shodows Depth Of Field Shadows And Silhouettes Mountains Nature Photography Sunset Reflection Lake Diamond Mafia Photography
Night Sky Lake Shastina
Mountains Lake Clouds And Sky Nature Sunset Vantage Point Landscape Lake Shastina Diamond Mafia Photography
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Naomi's Birthday Sunset..I love you Nay. Diamond Mafia Photography Landscape Lake Shastina Lakeside Silhouettes Beatiful Nature Nature Sky Clouds And Sky Reflection Shadows And Silhouettes Photography Mountains Sunset Nature Photography Volcano Lake Mt.shasta island Vantage Point Fine Art Photography
Gardens Chabbychic Lake ShastinaGarden Photography Victorian Diamond Mafia Photography
English Bulldog Diamond Mafia Photography Depth Of Field Reflection Clouds And Sky Nature Lake Shastina Sky
DIAMOND MAFIA PHOTOGRAPHY Lake Shastina Golf Golfcourse Depth Of Field Diamond Mafia Photography
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Lake Reflection Nature Photography Sunset Shadows And Silhouettes Mountains Lake Shastina Springtime Nature Landscape Shodows Depth Of Field Shadows & Lights Diamond Mafia Photography
Dark Skies Over High Tide Diamond Mafia Photography Lake Shastina Landscape Mountains Lakeside stormy skies Sunset
Mount Shasta in Northern California. A active volcano elevated to 3,600 ft shrouded in mystery, facaded with beaty it has been referred to as one of wonders of the world, it has inspired new religions and wonder for centuries, worshiped by Native Americans and has mythology of its own including the home of a race of Sasquatch (bigfoot) UFO activity, interdimensional portals vortexes, and even a city made of quartz crystal and gold hidden within the mountain inhabited by a race of hybrid human beings that migrated to its high elevation above sea level from the Lost City of Atlantis. The photographs I have posted of this wonder clearly display that theres somthing special about this mountain and the surrounding area and when i photograph it, its not just capturing a mountain, its photographing Magick, unknown energy, and phenomenon that has to be experienced first hand to even comprehend its power. all this is right outside my window and is one of the focuses of my photography work that i take pride in. Enjoy...A.M. Marasco @ Diamond Mafia Photography, Lake Shastina Ca. Nature Sky Nature Photography Beatiful Nature Lake Shastina Photography Clouds And Sky Mount Shasta, California Landscape Mountains Lake Mt.shasta Volcano Mystery Mystical Occultism Occult Magic Magic Hour Magic Sky Magic Places Magic_photography magick UFO bigfoot Lost Civilizations Atlantis Lost World Religious Place 7 wonders of the world ancient civilizations ancient aleins ancient astronauts phenomena
Lake Lake Shastina Water Blue Sky Geese Serene Nature Diamond Mafia Studios Diamond Mafia Photography Diamond Mafia Studios