Carnival Vista

Port of Dubrovnik, Croatia. Very nice area to visit. Dubrovnik, Croatia Travel Photography Panoramic Port City Carnival Vista Carnival Cruise Ship Carnival Cruises Holiday Vacation European Travels
Hanging out with my wife and our tour guide "D" in Dubrovnik, Croatia . Nice tour, plenty to see and briefly learn about. The party continues. Carnival Vista Carnival Cruises Holiday Vacation Time Mediterranean Trip Travel Photography Carnival Cruise Ship European Travels Maiden Voyage Check This Out
Party after Montenegro, oh yes I am! Out of Kotor, Montenegro and heading to Athens next. Carnival Vista Carnival Cruises Carnival Cruise Ship Carnival Cruise Mediterranean Sea Holiday Travel Photography Vacation
My view upon docking in Crete, Greece on May 7, 2016. Some beautiful views experienced while cruising. I recommend it to everyone if you do not get sea sick. Carnival Vista Mediterranean Trip Maiden Voyage Carnival Cruise Ship Travel Photography European Travels Holiday Vacation Vacation Time
Hanging Out with the Carnival Vista crew while on the Maiden Voyage and getting to know new people. He is from Turkey. Really nice person. The world is so vast yet can be so small. Holiday Vacation Mediterranean Trip European Travels Travel Photography Carnival Cruise Ship Carnival Cruises
Breakfast time. Croatia bound today. Dubrovnik, Croatia Tourist CalvinSelfie Carnival Vista Maiden Voyage Carnival Cruise Ship Carnival Cruises
My view, Eastern Mediterranean Sea currently heading is Malta. Enjoy your day! Check This Out Enjoying Life Taking Photos Maiden Voyage Travel Photography Carnival Vista Vacation Time Holiday Mediterranean Trip
Hanging out with the wife. IPhoneography Travel Photography Hanging Out IPhone Selfie Carnival Vista Cruising Cruise Time Maiden Voyage Trieste Trieste, Italy
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