29 March 2016

Chidorigafuchi Tokyo Japan Naturelover Enjoying Nature Cherry Blossoms Imperial Palace Moat Chiyoda Tokyospring2016 29 March 2016 Moat EyeEm Gallery Eyeem Collection EyeEM Tokyo EyeEm Japan EyeEm Nature Lover
Checking out Chidorigafuchi for the second time this trip, hoping that more trees would have blossomed since my earlier visit 3 days ago. Alas, no. Hoped to do a spot of boating but the winds were strong and boating was suspended. Then my gastric (which struck last night) took over and i half hopped to a cab to the hotel and crashed until 7pm. Disappointing day! 😐 Tokyo 29 March 2016 Tokyospring2016 Chiyoda Imperial Palace Moat Cherry Blossoms Enjoying Nature Naturelover EyeEm Japan EyeEM Tokyo Eyeem Collection EyeEm Gallery EyeEm Nature Lover
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