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Blackandwhite Photography Balance Scale  Rembrandthuis Life In The Balance: I discovered a little bump in my soul. It hurts more than I think it should - than I thought it would. It might grow and it might spread. If it proves to be malignant, it would have to be cut out. If benign, it will be re-absorbed, integrated, within my being. It feels like the former, but I pray it be the latter, because, I want to be strong, I want to be present for my loved ones. This old soul surely can't do much more bending; if soul had bones, you would know mine has stiffened and calcified from years of wear and tear. I might break - again? - this time, harder than before. It scares me to be so old and so weak; on the outside, I seem so young, strong, and full of courage. Maybe, I'm already broken... Maybe, this is what it takes to 'die before you die' - that spiritual state the sufis say - if so, then, I hope I can take it. If so, then, Master, with You, I can, indeed, take it. So help me God. Amen.