Día tranquilo y soleado.... The Great Outdoors With Adobe Streamzoofamily Landscape_captures ⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪ Master_pics Hdr_professional Best_expression_hdr Igw_hdr Fotofanatics_hdr Total_shot Love_hdr_colour Total_hdr Ok_hdr Top_hdr_photo Todoclick Word_besthdr Kings_hdr Tv_hdr Be_one_hdr Lucky_hdr Stars_hdr Hdr_stop Ilove_hdr Infinity_hdr ✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴ Gracias por seguirme @photodviles79 .mis imágenes también visibles en las etiquetas Daivison79 y Dacphoto2016
Animacion callejera.... OpenEdit Streamzoofamily Everybodystreet ⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪ Fotofanatics_hdr Total_shot Loves_cultures Love_hdr_colour Total_hdr Ok_streets Ok_hdr Top_hdr_photo Todoclick World_besthdr Kings_hdr Tv_hdr Lucky_hdr Stars_hdr Hdr_stop Hdr_professional Igw_hdr Best_expression_hdr Infinity_hdr Ilove_hdr ✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴ Gracias a mis seguidores @photodviles79 . Mis imagenes tambien visibles en las etiquetas Daivison79 y Dacphoto2016
VW Escarabajo ( vista frontal / front view).... ⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪〰⚪ Worldcolours_splash Match_splash Gallery_of_splash World_splash Fotofanatics_colorsplash Fotofanatics_hdr Total_shot Total_hdr Ok_hdr Hdr_transports Total_vehicles World_besthdr Kings_hdr Tv_hdr Splash_mania__ Splashcolorcars Lucky_hdr Ptk_vehicles Loves_vehicles Stars_hdr Hdr_stop Igw_hdr Hdr_professional Infinity_hdr Jr_lovereflection ✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴🔹✴ Gracias por seguirme @photodviles .Mis imágenes también visibles en las etiquetas daivison79 y dacphoto2016
Pic Wedding Details Glass Woman Man Bnw Bnwphotography Picoftheday Wglisposi Auguri Party EyeEm Canon Canon50mm Marriage  Congratulations Happy Foverer Ceremony HDR Infinity_hdr Campari Camparitime Weddingday  Still Life Drink Bnw_collection Hdr_Collection EyeEm Selects Manualmode Original
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Pictures Photography Canon700D Infinity_hdr Top_hdr_photo Manual Lake Mypointofview Tokina1120 HDR Hdr_Collection EyeEm Selects Landscape Tree Green Park Manualmode Sunrise Tree Sunlight Park - Man Made Space Grass Sky