Summer Triangle. Astronomy Skyscape Milky Way Galaxy Star - Space Astrophotography Space Stacking Beauty In Nature Japan 夏の大三角形 天の川 M.zuiko Milkywaygalaxy 星空 Star Stars Starry Sky Starry Night Nature 星空散歩 M.ZUIKO DIGITAL
Today the milky way and the summer triangle. Altair,Deneb,Vega. Star Stars Starry Sky Nightsky Nightphotography Skyscape Starry Night Milky Way Milkywaygalaxy Milkyway Lovers 星空 天の川 夏の大三角形 Japan Milkyway Starrynight Space Astrophotography Star Field M.zuiko 星空散歩 Olympus (null)M.ZUIKO DIGITAL