"This book has a story ...". A copy of this book was bought by one of my closest friends in the 90 in Rome, in a store that sold strange things; the seller, by gripping the curiosity of my friend for the strange things told him that "this book had a story ...", it was a book on which hung a curse, etc etc. Those were the years in which the genre splatter, horror and everything was fantastic charmed almost all of us kids and he bought it. After many years (I speak of 1996), I was for the first time at my friend's house and he lost no opportunity to show this book ... "Gog". I was attracted by his story not lost chance to borrow it, defying the curse. He gave it to me! And the curse hit me. This book has the power to get you the opposite of what you really want.My life is a real pleasure, made of everything I wanted in appearance (women, money, power), until, in the depths of myself I began to wish for a seriously emotional stability, social and from the point of view of work . But nothing came. Cambiago a girl almost a week, the money I had from my family and nothing seemed to change. I escaped to Finland, leaving the book in Italy and they were even worse (a girl every night and I was going to become a rock star on tour for local whole northern Europe). Gog was even there. It was not enough to get rid of the book, you had to give it to someone who really wanted it! I returned to Italy and a night in bed with a girl, told her the book. She said: "I want this book! I give a gift?". I became free of Gog! After less than a year I was engaged, in love and with a good job. I had no news of that girl up to almost 5 years ago and learned to his horror that he had committed suicide. Today Oct. 11, 2015, in Polignano, on a bench ... I find this book again. Without any hesitation I take back with me ... and the story continues ...I swear this story is not bullshit. Gog Nikeplus Moviescene Movieface Damned Damnedbooks Realfacts Urbanlegend Books Forbiddenbooks Webseries Horrorbooks Iliveinamovie Paolograssi Maledizioni Run Runner Notbullshit