Day by day...salad after salad... And no run for now...Diaryofatman Run AfterUN Nikeplus Paolograssi Dynadog
Lite bite on me Run Running Nikeplus Dynadog Dynadog Diaryofatman Iliveinamovie Paolograssi
Half week of no junkie food Nikeplus Run Running Diaryofatman Iliveinamovie Beard
Friday's night is great night for....fuck you!!! Diaryofatman Run AfterUN Beard Nikeplus Iliveinamovie
Last night Diaryofatman Run Running Nikeplus Iliveinamovie
There'somethings in my life. Often I loose anything: friends, jobs, trust in myself...but I don't loose my mind. I've trust i a better tomorrow. I'm live and this is always a good start. I love you "Instagram friends" Diaryofatman Run Running Nikeplus Beard
Live free die run Nikeplus Run Running AfterUN Beard Diaryofatman
Last saturday of junkie food (fish), tomorrow meat. Nikeplus Run Running Diaryofatman
Me and a little Mark Welberg Markwelberg Run Running Iliveinamovie Diaryofatman Paolograssi
This is the start. Diaryofatman Nikeplus Run Running AfterUN Paolograssi Beard
Saturday: Angus!! After one week on green food 300gr of delucious angus with tomatos of Fasano and rucola... the goals is still far away... but I'm enjoying the journey Diaryofatman Run Running AfterUN Beard ...and tomorrow I hope to begin to run (and I'll cut hair)
One small step for a runner, a big step for a runner who has been stopped several months. But now I'm back to run ... and in a way ... to live. Nikeplus Run Running AfterUN Diaryofatman Iliveinamovie Dynadog Paolograssi
Now. My face. My hair. My beard. The time is coming. Not for the beard Nikeplus Run Running Beard AfterUN Diaryofatman