Day by day...salad after salad... And no run for now...Diaryofatman Run AfterUN Nikeplus Paolograssi Dynadog
A little bit professional in a paused of my job. Next year my propose are to reduce the benzo and run almost everyday and to take the DYDADOG to the top of sell in pet food in the world, because our creation is a miracle for dogs and runner dogs.I will! Nikeplus Run Runner AfterUN Dynadog Dog Dogs Agilitydog
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Dynadog the first natural energy drink for your dog. Totally natural, 100% made in Italy. This is the backstage of spot. Agility Agilitydog Veterinaria Veterinary PetFood Dogsofinstagram another Alchermesvideoproduction spot. Follow on Facebook Dynadog Natural Energy Drink Cinofilia
I feel...I fell inside me. I fell inside me. Nikeplus Run Runner AfterUN Dog Dynadog Iliveinamovie Relax
Alchermesvideoproduction . Also work on your birthday day ... this means growing up. Moviescene Iwasborntobeandactor Director Webseries Movieface Agilitydog Dynadog Webspot Nikeplus Dog Dogs Pet Zoomarket
Could this be the look of 2015? The villain of my new book? Maybe run with this look would be easier. Soon the answer. Nikeplus Run Runner Beard Iliveinamovie Dynadog
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Like a dottor Jackil and mr Hide, in the middle of the night I go aroun the city,in the worst places of the city, the most infamous, to eat a hot muffin. This is also a runner, because he knows that tomorrow will have to exhale this sin. Nikeplus Run Runner Afterunning Iliveinamovie Beard Dynadog
The creators of Dynadog Dynadog Dogs Agilitydogs Run Running Nikeplus Beard PetFood Pet
Another year went to another arrives. What to expect? Or rather, given the times we live in, everything will be fine? I am a kind and optimistic not only hope but I will fight and I will work to ensure that everything goes well. And I hope for you, unknown and not of Instagram followers, wherever you are, whoever you are ... I wish you a 2015 full of what they want ... and for runners: the road does not know the years. Only our knees do. Best wishes ... and remember that from 2015 even your pets can have their own energy! Nikeplus Run Runner Beard AfterUN Dynadog 2015  Agilitydog Dog Iliveinamovie
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"Welcome in the Bunker!" Whatz up? This is the part of my new book. The "Bunker" is a secret nightclub reserved for members very "special". Of course Anna (one of the protagonists of my new book) is part of this exclusive elite of people. But what happens inside the "Bunker"? What mysteries hiding? As it is accessed? But above all: you will be able to get out of it? Paolograssi Run Runner AfterUN Agilitydog Dynadog Beard Motorbike Iliveinamovie
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Be quiet! Be quiet! And hear the triumph of the soul. This is precisely the problem, too much noise that no longer hear the sound of ourselves. Nikeplus Run Runner Afterunning Iliveinamovie Paolograssi Dynadog
Run. Why do I need it, because it is a requirement, because I want to run away. But I'm not a coward. I want to run only at certain times, when the fear or anxiety attack me. So I run and I can leave them for me behind. And when I come back they are always there waiting for me. But I am not afraid anymore. Nikeplus Run Runner Afterunning Paolograssi Dynadog Iliveinamovie
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Find it on Facebook...coming soon the official site. The liquid revolution is coming. Dog Dogs Dynadog Agility Superdogs Cani Veterinari Nikeplus
One small step for a runner, a big step for a runner who has been stopped several months. But now I'm back to run ... and in a way ... to live. Nikeplus Run Running AfterUN Diaryofatman Iliveinamovie Dynadog Paolograssi