Shock value

Handcuffs  Handcuffed Refrigerator Shut Refrigerator Handcuffed Dieting The Struggle Is Real No Eating Kitchen Kitchen Appliances Locked Door Whatever It Takes Just For Fun My Point Of View My Take Still Life Abstract Shock Art Handle Locked Shock Value Door Chained Up Chain Restraints Restraint People Restraint Funny Joke
Human Meets Technology Hot Pink Cord I.v. Addiction To Technology Worst Enemy or Best Friend Can't Live Without It It's Me My Arm Symbolism Would Die Without Technology Shock Photography Shock Value My Take On Technology Hot Pink Charger Can't Live With It Can't Live Without It Human Meet Technology Symbolism The Innovator Addiction To Technology Life Lines Need For Technology Technology Technology I Can't Live Without Internet Addiction
I caught lightning Perfect Timing Rightplacerighttime Voltage Maelstrom Shock Value Thisiswhy
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