"I've fallen for so many times and only Allah knows how much I've suffered but because of Him, I won't give up." Set your niat, Nawaitu Lillahi Ta'ala and be kind, Insya-Allah good thing will happen in return. 😊 Photo by: @faz5o2 Fossil Dapper Knitted  Gqaustralia Mct Magazinecover Augustman ASOS Thefilteredfit
Hitman spotted πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Photo by: @faz5o2 Mct Dapper Knitted  Augustman Magazinecover Fossil Oakley Thefilteredfit Gqaustralia
blue is love. Fossil Dapper Gentleman  Augustman Gqaustralia Riverisland Knitted  Levisjeans