Flying to Vegas

Telling Stories Differently This is My Grandpa Lucky in one of the last photos that i shot of him. We were on our way Flying To Vegas . I didn't know he would soon be dead from cancer. Best Trip Ever! .He and My Grandma <3 were my Best Friends . I thought this was a Cool Photo but it's meant so much more to me over the past few years Since He's Been Gone . Hello World TruthIsBeauty Photographic Art 🌷 TruthIsBeauty 💯 JustJennifer@TruthIsBeauty Free Spirit Close-up My World 🌍 His Silhouette Life = Change Black And White Photography Taking Photos In The Sky My Hero My Heart ♡ My 🌎💯 Moments To Remember  In An Airplane Grandpa ☺ Grandpa Lucky
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