Streetphotography Twoexposure
[D O P P E L D A N G E R] Ruled by The King of Gods, Jupiter, said to be a noble leader, wielding twin sword of generousity & just. His graces carried by a Sagittarian, destined to be not just a mindless ramble wanderer but the truest truth-seeker, philosophy & spiritual is main route towards intern-quest. Forever rearching for knowledge, understanding, answers of broad-minded skeptical 'the need to know the meaning of life'. Thanks to Bathara Indera, The King of Heavenly Gods, as suitable bearing as much as His wisdom ruled the eighth elements. While wielding Vajra (the Lighting Thunderbolt) He rules the Mother Nature's behavior among all Elemantal Gods. He bestowed with a heroic, almost brash and amorous, flirtatious character at times. For all those magna-gratitude, Sags was blessed for they high-philosophical spirited who never quit on learning on thyself forevermore. Doubleexposure Twinexposure Twoexposure DoubleExposurePhotography Digitalart  VisualArt  Selfpicture Rockintuesday Selfie Reflection Photographcatcher Milkyway Nebula Messier Multiverse Instaphoto Pictureoftheday Instaselfie Ksagamaksara Antariksawan Antariksa_id