Look closely and you will see a small green thing at the base which will turn brown. Each bit of "fluff" The brown thing is a seed and the white "fluff" that is attached to each one is like a parachute to carry the seed somewhere to become a plant. This is so neat to me!! The transition from yellow dandelion to white fluff dandelion 💛🌱☺ Random Bbehrfotos2016 Bbehrphotography Passionforfotos Notelll Plant Weed Dandelion Fluff Parachutes Unique Simplethings
Aww I was lucky enough to capture a couple pictures of this beautiful little butterfly! ♡ Lovelovelove Thankful Beautifulday Butterfly Bbehrphotography Passionforfotos Notelll
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Day 12: Sunset: Gorgeous NM sunset! I don't usually like objects in my photos, especially if I'm capturing a beautiful image! PhotoADay January2016 Notelll Bbehrfotos2016 Passionforfotos ILovePictures Sunset Nm Landofentrapment Goregous GodIsGood Blessings Sunburst Raysofsun Sky Clouds