Avalon Park

First Eyeem Photo
Hanging Out
Squeeky clean Mirror and a newly adopted Cat . Pets EyeEm Animal Lover Reflection
Everyday Lives new Friends Music Guitar People Watching
In my Rick Ross Voice. Good AM from the Boss !!
Street Fashion in the making. Silhouette Monochrome Model
Sleepy time .
Throw back with Miah Darling
My baby girl
Plane Sky Nature Outdoors Clouds
Fireworks Light EyeEm Best Shots Night The Five Senses
Hanging Out
Lips so French
Just us lmao
Brilliant Buttons Wine Glass Light Reflection
My new babyssssss ❤
Peep the rainbow
Hanging Out
My Valentine is 2 hours & 49 minutes away from me but this distance means nothing to me when someone means this much. Happy Valentines Day to the love of my life . ❤
Early mornings .
Baby Julisa
Hanging Out
La Reina ❤
Happy Thansgiving! ... Soaking Up The Sun Wine Beer
Need to take my ass to sleep !
Avalon Park lantern release. Happy New Year!
Hanging Out
My baby
Hanging Out
MY BABY <333
Hanging Out
Hanging Out