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High School Memories Red Wall Potrait Hi! Taking Photos Showing Imperfection Up Close Street Photography Showing Imperfections Showing Impercetion Alternative Fitness
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Stairs Walking In My Shoes. Walk My Shoes Enjoying Life Wooden Quo Vadis Sopron Showing Impercetion Streetphotography My Favorite Photo Brown Salamander BYOPaper!
Flower Spring Showcase April Chongqing China Scenery Traveling Showing Impercetion Pretty Memories Weekend LandscapeEnjoying Life Light Lovers The Week Of Eyeem
Lovely Weekend Memories Enjoying Life Chinatown Pretty Girl Pretty Life Girl People Photography Showing Impercetion Traveling Chongqing China Scenery Showcase April Love People Portrait Landscape The Week Of Eyeem
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Scenery People Photography Showing Impercetion Blackandwhite Chongqing China Chinese Traditional Culture Traveling
Traveling Showing Impercetion People Photography Girl Life Pretty Pretty Girl Chinatown Enjoying Life Memories Weekend Lovely
Stairs Streetphotography Street Style From Around The World Street Bush Wood Brown And Green Sopron Enjoying Life Relaxing Showing Impercetion
Among The Passengers City Life Group Of People Lifestyles Poor Boy At Train Station Poor Kid Seeing Something There Telling Stories Differently Close Up Street Photography Showing Imperfection Look Through My Eyes Showing Impercetion Showing Imperfections One day I was waiting for my train to arrive in the train station. A poor boy in his dirty and uneven clothes, barefooted came and asking for money to the people. people were trying to ignore him they didn't let him near them and if he touches anyone they shout at him. Suddenly he stoped doing what he was doing and stand still for more than 20 min. I don't know what he was looking at or thinking may be I don't know. But that makes me curious so I took the photo and I think this is my My Favorite Photo The Street Photographer - 2015 EyeEm Awards My Commute
Flowers Enjoying Life Weekend Memories Showing Impercetion Traveling Scenery Chongqing China Showcase April Flower Chinatown Chinese Traditional Culture Architecture Landscape The Week Of Eyeem
Showing Impercetion Chinese Traditional Culture Weekend Traveling Scenery Chongqing China Spring City Life Landscape
People 重庆 Showing Imperfection Pretty Girl Pretty Traveling Chongqing China 川剧 Chinese Traditional Culture People Photography Enjoying Life Chinatown Showing Impercetion