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This turned out to be a very odd photo for me. The original copy is very similar to this one i did not add any extra shapes or graphics to it. I only played with the normal filiters available. When looking at it closer to me it makes me think like its almost abunch of symbols, letters and even a few unknown words all spirialing around freely. Like along the lines of the infinite universal knowlegde always all around us if one only first chooses to seek it and secondly learns to tap into it at times. Lets be clear im not saying that what i actually think this is but only provokes my imagination in that direction. Isnt that one of the key things that appeals to us about photography and other imaginery? Anyways i thought it was kinda neat and fun photo but i also know and am quite proud of knowing i am not like "average or normal " people. whatever defines a normal or average person i am not certain. Thought Provoking  Interesting Perspectives Interesting Pictures Cool Captures Telling Stories Differently Abstract Uncommon Stlye Fine Art EyeEm EyeEm Gallery EyeEmBestEdits What Do You See Open Your Mind I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY Raising My Vibration EyeEm Best Shots Photos For Thought My Favorite Photo Check This Out Hidden In Plain Sight Tune In Unique Perspective Imperfection Is Beauty The Magic Mission Showing Imperfection
You see right through us. We're in your community. You pass us on the street. We're invisible to your jaded eyes. Sorrow And Grief Black And White Photography White Background Real People Invisible People  Tune In Open Your Eyes Resistance
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Relevance is subject to interpretation Eyeglasses  Portrait Human Body Part Eyesight Horn Rimmed Glasses Black And White Photography Resistance  Tune In
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