Skipton Castle gatehouse

Looking through the cross shaped arrowslit (also referred to as an arrow loop, loophole and balistraria) overlooking the castle's main entrance and the castle's chapel of St. John the Evangelist of which a date of when it was built is not known. The chapel is thought to have been built in the 13th century Arrow Slits Arrowslit Arrowloop Loophole Loop Hole Balistraria Cross Shape Cross Shaped Medieval Castle Medieval Castle Skipton Castle Gatehouse Skipton Castle Gatehouse Main Entrance Entrance Castle Entrance Chapel St John The Evangelist Chapel
Looking through Skipton Castle's main entrance doors towards the gatehouse Medieval Castle Medieval Castle Skipton Castle Castle Entrance Entrance Main Entrance Skipton Castle Gatehouse Gatehouse
The entrance to Skipton Castle, Skipton Entrance Castle Castle Walls Skipton Castle Castle Entrance Gatehouse Skipton Castle Gatehouse