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A "Betty". Pattern is from @pattydooblog I made it for my handlebar on my bike. And I like it but next time I will use a less softer material. :-) Bag Pattydoo DIY Handmade Selfmate Selbstgemacht Handgemacht Nurfürmich Handlebar Sewing Sewed Isewforme Tasche Genäht Nähen Nähenmachtspaß Nähenmachtglücklich
This was the finished set for the baby party! Bunny, horse, cap and a little rose for decoration. :-) Crotchet Handmade Selfmate Gehäkelt DIY Selbstgemacht Amigurumi Babypresent Allaboutami Cute Sweet
Work in progress! Do you know what this is going to be? Crotchet Amigurumi DIY Handmade Selfmate
Cat Selfmate Cute Beautyful