Whispering trail (Reboot) The shadows moved like puppets, throwing distractions that send shivers down our spines. The trees danced to the roaring winds and the darkness whispered to us about the vile things it wanted to do to us. We were hopelessly lost when we took this shortcut. Already our numbers have dropped from seven to just the two of us. We never knew what happened to the rest of them, silently taken from us, maybe forever. We were warned, at the café by that homeless man, that we should never ever take this trail on the seventh day of the seventh month. But we did anyway, like how all rebellious teenagers would. This strange twisting trail that never leads us out, only to take us deeper into the heart of this darkness. And when we looked back, the path would vanish into thin air, becoming a part of this strange place. And as we stumbled upon a huge fallen tree, there she stood on its trunk. A gothic girl in black, holding a black teddy bear in her right hand and a black rose in her left. And when she smiled, we screamed, our voices forever lost in this accursed place. Outside of the trail, a group of men and women dressed in red cloaks gathered. “There, the last one is taken. We should be safe for another year, till the next sacrifice.” Toyartistry Toptoyphotos Toycommunity Toyplanet Stuckinplastic Toys_aroundtheworld Bricknetwork _tyton_ Brickcentral Toydiscovery Justanothertoygroup Toygroup_alliance Legophotography Brickpichub Legostagram Toysaremydrugs Toycrewbuddies Anarchyalliance Toyboners Toyunion Rebeltoysclub Arts_help Blvart Legominifigures LEGO lego_hub legographerid minifigure legohorrorwednesday