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No rest for the wicked (The Secret Order series Part 4) ***Please use this hashtag for the complete series: Imakelvseries6 *** The Master vampire arrived at the village, seething with rage at the purification. It could sense each minions' deaths as both Revenant and Redeemer cut them down like a scythe through wheat. The duo were burning with powers, their attacks unrelentless and merciless. Usually, the Master vampire would observe and then catch the victims unaware but it was blinded by rage and that made the fight a lot easier. Just as it launched itself into the air, Redeemer fired a holy arrow, embedding itself in the guts of the Master vampire. As it struggled to pull out the arrow, Revenant appeared from behind, his eyes burning with orange flame and he decapitated it. It was an easy victory, but it wasn't always so. Now that the master vampire is dead, the only thing left to do is to clear off the rest of the stragglers. It would be left to the clean up team to hunt down those individual minions and take them out. The clean up crew arrived shortly after they took out the master vampire, their timing impecable as usual. One of the hunters from the clean up crew who was familiar with the pair passed Revenant a sealed scroll. Another hunter passed him two bags of replenishment consisting of food, water, crossbow ammo and some other necessities.  The crew bid them good luck and then departed for their hunt. "Wow, I wish we are always so lucky. What's next?" Redeemer queried. "Witches." Revenant replied with a deadpan expression. Redeemer spat. "I hate witches." Revenant nodded, deep in thought. "No rest for the wicked." As the sun set below the ridge line, the pair began to make camp, getting enough rest for their next mission. Toyartistry Toptoyphotos Toycommunity Toyplanet Stuckinplastic Toys_aroundtheworld Bricknetwork _tyton_ Brickcentral Toydiscovery Justanothertoygroup Toygroup_alliance Legophotography Brickpichub Legostagram Toysaremydrugs Toycrewbuddies Anarchyalliance Toyboners Toyunion Rebeltoysclub Arts_help Blvart Legominifigures lego lego_hub legographerid minifigure legohorrorwednesday