Leaving the Tulalip Health Clinic this morning with some battle wounds. The 1st nurse didnt get enough blood cause O have "tiny veins" so another nurse had to finish the job but hey I got this snazzy Taz bandaid!! Human Body Part Bloodtest Blood Bandage Bandages Bandaidswag Bandaged Tinyvessels Poked Wellnessday Cartoon Me Cartoon Characters Cartoon Pic Cartoons Cartoons From My Childhood Cartoon Cartoonized Cartoon Me! Blood Test Blooddraw Todays Hot Look Today :) Today's Pic
No Bueno. Bandaid Bandaids Bandaidswag Bandaidgang Wound Cut Wounded Cuts Thumb Owh Ow  Ouch Ouchy Ouchie Pout Pouty Pouting Selfie Selfies Selfietime