In the Hills of Abyaneh On the way to the small village of Abyaneh , we passed by one of Iran's infamous nuclear facilities. It was one of the few times on the trip where we couldn't take a photo in fact The village up in the hills is made of homes colored red from the soil. Few people live here now, numbering only in the hundreds, though property here in the cool mountains is being picked up by wealthy city dwellers in increasing numbers Our time here was limited, but a hike up on the other side of the valley gave us a great view back onto the city. The green trees, red buildings and blue sky gave a beautiful contrast of colors Only a few weeks later, the ground and the city were covered in barf... (their word for snow) Iran4real Traveliran Yoiran Iran
Islamic Art Everywhere Iran , as it turns out, has no shortage of Islamic art around. It seems like every building, every mosque, every street was made with a eye for detail Its no wonder I met so many architectural students during my time there. Hard not to be inspired I for one loved the shapes and patterns that adorned the walls and ceilings From Shah Cheragh, Shīrāz Everydayiran Everydayshiraz Shiraztagram Yoiran Islamicart Islamicarchitechture
Evening in Shīrāz Iran trip with my Mom is winding down Tonigbt we headed up to the hotel overlooking the city. Unfortunately I'm too exhausted to talk about it right now. That's why there is tomorrow Iran4real Everydayshiraz Everydayiran Yoiran
Evening in Yazd The wonderfully lit Amir Chakhmaq Mosque & Square is the center of attention in Yazd, Iran. On one evening that I was there, the government had set up a series of tents. A pair had a series of propaganda posters about the governments of the west, particularly the USA. Another had a series of posters about how the internet and television will ruin your life / marriage. The latter was staffed by younger students (16 years old or so). It's an interesting contrast in the country. Many people I met considered it natural and normal to circumvent the restrictions on Internet communication put in place by the government. The government's line is still quite hard, but who knows how long it will stand before facebook, twitter, and many other social networks are allowed The following day, this same square was filled with carpets, as folks served tea and prayed as some soldiers who died in the Iran-Iraq war decades ago were returned home Iran Iran4real Yoiran Yazd