my coat, morning window. [I have accumulated FAR TOO MANY pictures of this window, but it's just the loveliest thing with the sun bleeding through it] Windows Morning Light And Shadow Tranquility Quiet Interior Views Q My Favorite Photo Always Be Cozy
morning on the tolland green New England  Goodmorning Foggy Morning Melancholic Landscapes
First Eyeem Photo
story time Reading Family Enjoying Life Home
one misty, moisty morning [oh good, another window...] Monochrome Black And White Light And Shadow Windows Patterns Lines Backgrounds Minimalism Showing Imperfection Home Is Where The Art Is
Ice Skating Blue Feet Ice Ice-skating Outdoors Playing Outside Skating Snow
bask. [Here in the states, it's a holiday weekend. We celebrate soldiers who died in service to their country with parades, picnics, and incredible deals on brand new mattresses, (hurry, offer available for limited time only). Party on, people.] Minimalism Plant Wall Simplicity Backgrounds Light And Shadow Sunlight Nature's Diversities The Great Outdoors - 2016 EyeEm Awards
Taking Photos First Eyeem Photo
exploring the beach Childhood Worn Wood Children Travel Travel Destinations San Juan Islands Washington State Hiking Exploration Looking At Camera Girl One Woman Only One Person Front View Happiness Outdoors Smiling Day Fun Carefree Enjoyment Beach Adventures In The City The Portraitist - 2018 EyeEm Awards Be Brave
EyeEm Selects One Person Childhood Child People Children Only Outdoors Day Nature
stopping to help Sunlight Bikes Riding Bike Hurt Injuries Siblings Family Helping Kids Being Kids Playing Child Basketball Hoop Full Length Tree Childhood Sport Playing Family With Two Children This Is Family
[I made her sit for these, so i might as well post them to the challenge I shot them for] Portrait Natural Light Portrait
Coffee Iphonephotography Check This Out Enjoying Life Hanging Out
...[if i look at pictures of sunlight long enough, i can feel it on my skin] Sunlight Sunny Doorway Open Door Doorknob Open Light And Shadow Darkness And Light Beginnings Mystery Entrance Morning Foreshadowing Decay Suburbex Envision The Future The Following Home Is Where The Art Is My Year My View
rooster's walk Rooster Chickens Farm Farm Life Walking Red Farm Animals Farming Animal Animal Themes Outside
liquor-wine-discount Thisisnewengland Capa Filter Connecticut New England
frozen birdbath. Ice Winter Birdbath Looking Down Still Life Backyard EyeEm Selects No People Close-up Day Outdoors Shades Of Winter
santa hat and pink coat. Christmastime Santa Hat Santa Holidays EyeEm Selects Child Girls Children Only One Person One Girl Only Childhood People Warm Clothing Indoors  Shades Of Winter An Eye For Travel
the side door. Connecticut Architectural Detail Old Buildings Blackandwhite
snowy path through the woods. Symmetry Snow Path Hiking Hikingadventures Exploring Adventure Peaceful Quiet Solitude Finding Your Way Trail Footprints Tree Snow Winter Cold Temperature Tree Trunk Nature Pine Tree Outdoors Forest Growth Beauty In Nature Landscape Day The Great Outdoors - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Rusting bench. Tolland, CT. 2014. Colors Rust Hiking Snow
Beacon in thw storm. Tolland, CT. Snow Winter Old Buildings Star Colonial Lamp Light Covered In Snow Cold Red Door
barn study II. Barns Windows Reflections Moss Red New England  The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards
self-portrait as a load-bearing structure. [Sorry, but you knew i was going to get weird on you again sooner or later...] Walls Decay Forlorn Lonely Isolation Failure  Disease Destruction Desolation Pivotal Ideas Home Is Where The Art Is
sick///tired III, tread light. [Last one of the tire, i promise. I think this is my favorite shot/edit.] Monochrome Darkness And Light Light And Shadow Lines Minimalism Abstract Pattern Black&white
blind spring. Abstract Backgrounds Drastic Edit Lines Landscape Pastel Soft Colors  Windows Home Is Where The Art Is Colour Of Life Pivotal Ideas The Magic Mission
Bird One Animal Animal Wing Animal Wildlife Spread Wings No People Close-up Outdoors Day Bluebird Songbird
First snow fall. Tolland, CT. 2014. Winter Wonderland Snow Vscocam
Check This Out Hanging Out Taking Photos Smart Simplicity Shadow iPhone Hello World mobile photography
oh. 👉 👈 Geometry Lines Angles Architecture Sky House Window Blue Future Bright Hopeful Upward The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards Colour Of Life Home Is Where The Art Is
Sharing a bath. EyeEm Selects Animal Wildlife Animals In The Wild Animal Themes No People Nature Day Water Outdoors Bird Blue Bird Bluebird Bluebirds Blue Birds Birdbath Birds Bathing
Nice road
Hammock Camping Hanging Out Camping Hammockcamping On The Pond At The Lake
row//homes. (Also, this 🎧👉 [Omg, updates break my brain...and it's not that big an adjustment, so my confusion is entirely unjustified.] Multi Colored Day No People Outdoors Beautifully Organized Arts And Crafts Handcraft Handcrafted Birdhouses Birdhouse In Your Soul Rustic
trees in mid afternoon Shadows Snow Hiking Nature
Animal Wildlife One Animal Bird Animals In The Wild Perching Outdoors No People Nature Close-up Bluebird
barn study I, autumn thru the window.Fall Beauty Barns Red Windows Reflections Fall Leaves New England  The Architect - 2016 EyeEm Awards
♥storybook life♥(b&w). [keeping in mind the everyday cruelty central to storybooks, of course.] Black And White Monochrome Simplicity Drama Atmosphere Mood Silhouette Backgrounds Idyllic Scenery Landscape Pastoral Meadow Memories Longing Nostalgia Monochrome Photography
appealing///light. Bask Sunlight Details Light And Shadow Textures And Surfaces Texture Abandoned Decay Lonely Suburbex
old horse shoes Tolland Museum Black And White Blackandwhite
Mammoth donkey taken with a Minolta A5 Film Scanned One Animal Domestic Animals Animal Themes Mammal Animal Head  Livestock No People Close-up Day Outdoors Vintage Photo Shoot Minolta A5 Vintage Camera In Action
Husks in the snow. Nature Plant Close-up No People Outdoors Snow ❄ Wintertime Winter Winter_collection Simple Beauty Minimalism Flowers Dead Flowers Black And White Friday
off the grid [my mum makes lovely quilts...this is her "desk"] Desks From Above Sewing Getting Creative Arts And Crafts A Bird's Eye View Beautifully Organized Handmade For You
implements I (color). Tools Basement Garage Still Life Light And Shadow Quiet Solitude Working Useful Collections Organization Home Is Where The Art Is Beautifully Organized
Ruby-throated hummingbird closeup. One Animal Animal Themes Animal Wildlife Close-up No People Day Nature Hummingbird Rubythroatedhummingbird Ruby-throated Hummingbird
Bird Perching One Animal Animal Wildlife Animals In The Wild Animal Themes No People Songbird  Blue Nature Day Outdoors Beauty In Nature Close-up Bluebird
Bluebird grabbing a bite. Animal Wildlife Bird One Animal Animals In The Wild Animal Perching No People Outdoors Nature Beauty In Nature Day Close-up Bluebird
Check Up
extravagant plans. [You know what? The bugs haven't been too bad this summer. So far. That's no small blessing around here in lyme disease ground zero.] Landscape Greenery Scenery New England  Connecticut Travel Vacation Summer Lush Secrets Plans Escape Holiday On The Way Colour Of Life My Year My View
sit on it. ['aaaaay...' I'm cultivating my inner Fonzie. Highly recommended! 👍] Empty Chair Emptiness Absence Longing Nostalgia Monochrome Black & White Light And Shadow Copy Space
Gourds and butterflies in the discovery cottage. Colour Of Life Display Colors Nature Learning Science Class Collection Lined Up
in the corner (black & white) Monochrome Black And White Architecture Light And Shadow Lines Angles Geometric Shapes Abstract Minimalism Backgrounds
Relaxing Hanging Out Check This Out Hello World Cheese! Taking Photos Light And Shadow Shadow
The fog
oh...yeah. [happy early weekend, everyone!] Tree Branches Sky Nature Pattern Geometric Shapes
Walk On Water Taking Photos Enjoying Life ProCamera - Shots Of The Year 2014
in the stacks. Checking Out Books Books Library Bookshelf Being A Bookworm Beautifully Organized
twinkle//toes. Colour Of Life Color Palette Pivotal Ideas Blue Swimming Pool Poolside Summer Summertime The Magic Mission Beautifully Organized
you twinkle above us, we twinkle below. the opposite side of biff's yard, opposite time of day. ] Landscape Meadow Wildflowers Idyllic Pastoral Pastel Nostalgia Memories Mood Atmosphere Nature Dawn Morning Morning Light Backgrounds Summer Festival Season Summertime Dreamy
meadow//sweet. [Just monkeying with double exposures...] Double Exposure Portrait Surreal Surreal Portrait Landscape Illustration Dreamy Summertime Summer Festival Season My Year My View
...aaannd FIVE, SIX, SEVVV'N-EIGHT! [Sorry, I'm a huge dork. Aaannd 👐JAZZ HANDS!👐 -STAGE FREEZE-] WorkbenchWorkshop Tools Basement Garage Numbers Measurement Woodworking Minimalism A Bird's Eye View
"If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary-wise; what it is it wouldn't be and what it wouldn't be it would. You see?"
in the corner (color). [Going through some images from a while back that i wasn't sure about] Pastel Interior Light And Shadow Lines Architecture Doorway Cieling Minimalism Pastel Power
Reaching to the sky. Tolland CT. 2015. Black & White LG G4 Trees Lines
O RLY? Treated to a dose of Literalityalong with the literature @ the Library yesterday. Libraries Parking Lot Literally Funny Seriously
how to get ahead. [My biff's boy, basically my surrogate nephew. And probably one of my most corrupting influences.] Portrait Boy Color Portrait Children's Portraits Concentration Red Telling Stories Differently
Dead roses on the lawn. Taking Photos Still Life Found Object Color
Autumn, safe as houses. Architecture Houses Roofs Siding
out of the fog. Foggy Morning Walking Walking Around Melancholic Landscapes
birthday cake deconstructed Birthday Birthday Cake First Birthday Mess Messy Baby Frosting Making A Mess Children Childhood Kids Being Kids Childhood Memories Moments Of Life Life Events Baby Babies Only Indoors  Portrait Childhood One Person Child Close-up This Is Family
sick///tired I. [I've been absent, now i am...less absent. Somewhat.] Tools Minimalobsession Textures And Surfaces Light And Shadow Lines Minimalism Simplicity
At home with trains. Tolland. 2013. Christmas Wohnglück Home Everyday Lives
Wine Smart Simplicity Iphonephotography Taking Photos
morning kitchen. Bright Kitchen Home Interior Design Orange Yellow Storage Open Edit Everything In Its Place Interior Views Home Is Where The Art Is Interior Style
Freshly planted lilacs. Nature Outdoors Tranquility Beauty In Nature No People Day Lilacs Stonework
Hummingbird feeder closeup. Indoors  Selective Focus Close-up No People Red Water Day Food Hummingbird Feeder
Field of red. Vscocam The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge Autumn Colors
lifeline. [Biff. Again.] Silhouette Backlit Portrait Profile Outdoors Available Light Evening Blue Hour Friends Friendship Strength My Year My View
Chili cheese hot dog Hot Dog Hotdogs HotDog Cheese Chili  Ketchup Mustard Bun Frankfurter Maximum Closeness Visual Feast
down the trail Connecticut Hiking EyeEm Nature Lover Trees
there are fairies at the bottom of our garden! (color) [biff is moving house this weekend; i will miss her lovely back yard.] Nature Landscape Scenery Silhouette Clouds And Sky Sunset Meadow Backgrounds Pastoral Colour Of Life Blue Hour
in another world, we only almost made it ( we were here, detail I). Shadows Light And Shadow Silhouettes Friendship Togetherness Watching Happy Telling Stories Differently
ladydreams. [My biff again...we've been friends since she was a newborn 💖💝💖] Daydream Woman Portrait Color Portrait Portrait Of A Woman Portrait Sunglasses Sunny Red Dreaming Dreamy Happiness Bliss Showing Imperfection Let Your Hair Down The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards Eyeemphoto Color Palette Minimalism My Year My View
♥storybook life ♥ (color). [uuunnngh...moved a bunch of photos around, lost the tags & now i can't find anything... oh, help.] Idyllic Pastoral Nature Landscape Silhouette Sunset Wildflowers Pastel Sky And Clouds Memories Nostalgia Mood Atmosphere Backgrounds No People My Year My View
Smart Simplicity Taking Photos Hanging Out Check This Out Relaxing Shadow Light And Shadow
iPhone 6 + macro lens
Green Animal Themes Beauty In Nature Close-up Dragonflies Dragonflies Mating Green Color Insect Leaf Nature Outdoors
Out of focus ash tree in fall foliage. Tree Autumn Nature No People Day Outdoors Change Out Of Focus
House Finch House Finch Bird Bird Photography Birds Of EyeEm  Close-up EyeEm Selects Animal Wildlife One Animal Day Animal Themes No People Animals In The Wild Nature Outdoors
White-Throated Sparrow Bird Bird Photography White-throated Sparrow Birds Of EyeEm  Sparrow Close-up EyeEm Selects Insect Close-up One Animal No People Animals In The Wild Day Nature Animal Wildlife Animal Themes Outdoors
Good Morning Taking Photos iPhone black & white.
Spring, macro 105
biff thinks you should hang out with us (you know you want to). [yikes. this is biff (not her name, just the phonetic pronunciation of BFF). i took a shot from some weeks back & edited/cropped it a few different ways, then let her choose her favorite for me to post. it was also my favorite, go figure. i'm surprised this uploaded; we kept getting an "upload failed" message. then we went shoe shopping!] Woman Woman Portrait Portrait Smiling Happy Sunglasses Smile Beautiful Sceptical Funny The Portraitist - 2016 EyeEm Awards Girl Power Natural Light Portrait
system | natural forces. Pavement Broken Bricks Rubble Sidewalk Destruction Showing Imperfection
Bullfrog Amphibian Animal Themes Beauty In Nature Close-up Frog Green Color Nature Outdoors Water Wildlife
red leaves fallen. Autumn Leaves Foliage Connecticut Change