What Does Peace Look Like To You? So yeah I like to look here into the mountains and doze off as if i were waiting to be swept by the clouds up above
At the park Park Grass In The Grass
my babylove
American Samoa Highway Outdoors
I found this at school Taking Photos Nature Wasps Wasp Nest
Broken many times but I still fought back but since I met you, you broken my walls, you crashed my hopes of loving you now you lock me in the cage so called "broken hearted"listening too sad songs cause you broken me.I wish you could understand me cause ive been through a lot of shit but you still wont love me back whyy?????
What Does Peace Look Like To You? Bueatiful peaceful island of Samoa
practice with uce..... That's Me
Bored as fuhh' at work! Graveyard
My baby cuz can't wait to be older Baby
like this place bettsh Relaxing First Eyeem Photo
Ebola changing the time on the clock..I guess she wants the time to go slower..smh At Work Fewminutes