" Caroggi of Genoa - spot the street". Yes, is just between the "lens-lining" building and the more red one.... The Persiane ( Jealousies) are true, can't believe one can open them... Centro Storico Di Genova Historical Center Narrow Street Narrow Alleys Alleyways Caruggi Vicoli VICOLI TUTTO MOLTO BELLO Buildings Typical Downtown Looking Up Mobile Photography HDR Eyeemfilter / Genova ♥ PS: I noticed now the Sign of a Trattoria la Lanterna where I had dinner with a foreigner friend of mine. Good enough Liguria food
Sheets of smoke. Light And Shadow Smoke Smoking Filtering Light Fogli Jealousies Tapparella Black And White Smartphone Photography Mobilephotography S3 Mini EyeEm Edits Window Architecture