Mark Wasser, or as his sqaud mates referred to him as "The Bad Boy". Mark had a rough childhood. For example, he had long hair, where as everyone else followed what the clone troopers had their hair like. At the Academy, he was often teased by older kids who blamed him for the war since his grandparents were Separatists. But nothing changed his life more than when another kid was getting shoved into the ferrocrete wall. He snapped. He ran at the older kid and smashed his fist into the boys jaw, breaking it and busting out several teeth. He was expelled the same day. When a recruiter came to town, looking for eligible candidates for Stormtroopers, he jumped at the chance. Now he had made new friends, impressed his CO, and achieved the rank of Master Sergeant by the age of 22. His life had made a full turn around, and for the first time, he felt happy. _______________________________ Note: I received this stormtrooper and a First Order Stormtrooper in the mail. I will be doing more shots with these guys. Stay tuned! Starwarstheclonewars Starwarstheblackseries6inch TBSFF 6inchfigure Toycrewbuddies Ata_dreadnoughts Toycrewbuddiesusa Toptoyphotos Toptoyphotography _toysinaction_ Toyoutsiders Atafamily Atafamilyfriday Featurefriday Tcb_darksideclubđź”´ Happy Fov_starwars @fovmodels @clonejournals @clonetrooper_life66 @hallandbroates Toys Toyslagram Toysyn Toysyndicate Toygroup_alliance Toyphotos Toyartistry Actionfigures
TK-8675 knew he wasn't cut out for being a Stormtrooper. VERY sorry for not posting. I have been in depression lately, and have not been able to post. I hope you all are not disappointed, but I will be back to posting regularly soon. Thank you for your constant support, as always. @fovmodels _toysinaction_ Starwars Starwarstheblackseries Toycrewbuddies Toyphotography Toys Toysyndicate Toystargram Toptoyphotography Toyphotography @starwarstheblackseries Ata_dreadnoughts Atafamily Toyplanet Toyphotography @clonetrooper_life66 @hallandbroates @clonejournals @clonejourneys Toyboners
Takadona was supposed to be an easy operation. Just a planet for smugglers and lowlifes. Everything was going fine until those damned X-wings showed up. Then all hell broke loose. There was no order, despite being the First Order after all. @fovmodels @clonejourneys @clonetrooper_life66 @starwarstheblackseries @clonejournals Starwarstheblackseries6inch Toycrew Toycrewbuddies Toycrewbuddiesusa Toydiscovery Toyslagram_Starwars Toyslagram Toys Toysyn Toysyndicate Toptoyphotos Toptoyphotography @toyboners Toyboners Ata_dreadnoughts Atafamilyfriday Stormtroopersaturday Atafamily Tcb_darksideclubđź”´ @sgtbananas TBSFF _toysinaction_
I hoped I could have been so much more... Yet here I am. A stormtrooper in a pointless war. Yet, it has much to offer. Should I start a family after all this hell? Or just wait until another has surely begun. Maybe someday someone will read this and think, "This guy is a total crack head". But that can be your opinion. And that can change. Like the course of this war. Some like to think of time as a river. One moment going one direction, then slowly and gradually changing course. Then you must make the choice if you follow the current or leave the river and form your own stream. This is my personal belief and over my lifespan, I have decided to live by it. If you choose to be different, that makes the biggest difference. (Excerpt from TK-8771's personal log before he was deployed to the second Death Star) Starwars Starwarstheblackseries6inch Toydiscovery Toycrewbuddies Toyphotography Toygroup_alliance Toptoyphotos Toptoyphotography _toysinaction_ Fov_starwars @fovmodels @clonejournals @clonetrooper_life66 @clonejourneys Starwarstheblackseries Toyslagram Toys Toysyndicate Toysyn Toyboners @toyboners @chevy2who Toystargram Toystarwars Tcb_darksideclub Tcb_buddypicks Ata_dreadnoughts Atafamilyfriday Stormtroopers Monday Atafamily