Lonestar He is a soldier of the great Empire, loyal to a fault. He cares not for the rules of engagement nor the subtle ways of a sniper. As the quiet hum of the night drones on, an explosive crack tore the peace asunder. The Senator, a sympathizer of the rebel scums, fell off the steps of the shuttle, his lifeless body hitting the ground with a loud thud. The powerful round took out the senator's head with a glorious splatter of red while the bodyguards and soldiers rallied to take the sniper out. "Light is green. I repeat, light is green. Engage. Leave no survivors." He voiced into his comms as the rest of the Imperial Troopers commences the attack. Agalaxyfarfaraway Starwarsrebels Starwars Toyark Clonewars Clonetrooper Stormtrooper Toyartistry Epictoyart Toycommunity Toyleaguestarwars Setforstunn_ing Toyslagram Toyslagram_Starwars Toyleague Toyelites Toyphotography Bountyhunter Starwars Toysphotography Disney Squareenix Playartskai Onlytroopersaresoprecise Toydiscovery justanothertoygroup sgtoylust toygroup_alliance toyboners toyslagram_best_2015 plasticsingapore