Red storm rising Deep within the forest moon of Endor, a new evil has awakened. The corruption of the dark side has entered the swarm and stirred the deep slumber of an ancient one. Every race and every species have their own gods.. and demons.. (Credits to @thedanielyu for this amazingly detailed resin figure and his impressive colouring skills. This is a unique piece.) Toyartistry Epictoyart Toycommunity Toyplanet Setforstunn_ing Toyslagram Toyleague Toyelites Toyphotography Toysphotography Toydiscovery Justanothertoygroup Toygroup_alliance Toysoutdoors Toysaremydrugs Toycrewbuddies Anarchyalliance Toyboners Toyunion Arttoy Designertoy Vampire Thedanielyu Macro Sgtoylust stgcc toyslagram_starwars starwars stormtrooper plasticsingapore