They came from Outer Space Astrologers all over the world were getting their predictions wrong these couple of months, for many of the stars that they rely on have disappeared mysteriously. Nobody knew that they were consumed by the Star eaters, Kaiju creatures of immense proportions. They had already set their eyes on Planet Earth, ravenous for the morsels of tasty meats that rival that of the previous planet that they had already devastated. And along their way to Earth, stars were plucked out of the void just to fill their hunger. Stars that tasted so bad, bitter spheres of plasma that sizzle in their mouths. And on a dark moonless night that was absent of stars, the four mighty space gods entered our atmosphere, burning hot upon entry and like four gigantic streaks of fiery comets, they crashed landed into the depth of the ocean, launching massive tsunamis of great heights, destroying cities and towns. And then they came, and they ate, and they destroyed everything that they could lay their hands on. Everyone thought that Kaijus are monsters with streaks of psychedelic colours or artistically intricate in their design. They were all wrong. The Star eaters had only one form of colours, each representing the planet they lord over. The Lords of Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Mars were the first to arrive. And as they waited for the rest of the Star eaters to arrive, the ground rumbled for the Lord of the Earth is no longer dormant. The brown Kaiju is rising. The skies lit up as another wave entered our atmosphere. We never stood a chance. (Thanks to my buddy @des_yeo03 for the info and credits to @Greasebat and @Unboxindustries for these amazing pieces.) Toyartistry Toptoyphotos Toycommunity Toyplanet Vitruvianbrix Geekunion Toyelites Sgtoylust Toydiscovery Justanothertoygroup Toygroup_alliance Plasticsingapore Creativewriting Tpasg Toysaremydrugs Toycrewbuddies Anarchyalliance Toyboners Toyunion Designertoy Vinyltoy Resintoys Rebeltoysclub Arts_help Blvart designertoys vinyltoys resintoy sofubi unboxindustriesw