Mark Wasser, or as his sqaud mates referred to him as "The Bad Boy". Mark had a rough childhood. For example, he had long hair, where as everyone else followed what the clone troopers had their hair like. At the Academy, he was often teased by older kids who blamed him for the war since his grandparents were Separatists. But nothing changed his life more than when another kid was getting shoved into the ferrocrete wall. He snapped. He ran at the older kid and smashed his fist into the boys jaw, breaking it and busting out several teeth. He was expelled the same day. When a recruiter came to town, looking for eligible candidates for Stormtroopers, he jumped at the chance. Now he had made new friends, impressed his CO, and achieved the rank of Master Sergeant by the age of 22. His life had made a full turn around, and for the first time, he felt happy. _______________________________ Note: I received this stormtrooper and a First Order Stormtrooper in the mail. I will be doing more shots with these guys. Stay tuned! Starwarstheclonewars Starwarstheblackseries6inch TBSFF 6inchfigure Toycrewbuddies Ata_dreadnoughts Toycrewbuddiesusa Toptoyphotos Toptoyphotography _toysinaction_ Toyoutsiders Atafamily Atafamilyfriday Featurefriday Tcb_darksideclub­čö┤ Happy Fov_starwars @fovmodels @clonejournals @clonetrooper_life66 @hallandbroates Toys Toyslagram Toysyn Toysyndicate Toygroup_alliance Toyphotos Toyartistry Actionfigures
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Takadona was supposed to be an easy operation. Just a planet for smugglers and lowlifes. Everything was going fine until those damned X-wings showed up. Then all hell broke loose. There was no order, despite being the First Order after all. @fovmodels @clonejourneys @clonetrooper_life66 @starwarstheblackseries @clonejournals Starwarstheblackseries6inch Toycrew Toycrewbuddies Toycrewbuddiesusa Toydiscovery Toyslagram_Starwars Toyslagram Toys Toysyn Toysyndicate Toptoyphotos Toptoyphotography @toyboners Toyboners Ata_dreadnoughts Atafamilyfriday Stormtroopersaturday Atafamily Tcb_darksideclub­čö┤ @sgtbananas TBSFF _toysinaction_
Slowly moving through the brush, TK-1142's pulse is skyrocketing. Why you might ask? Two words. Luke Skywalker. I cannot thank you all enough. 200 followers may not seem like a lot, but it is a start. First and foremost, I would like to thank the one and only @fovmodels . He inspired me to start my page, and without him, I would not be here saying this. It was because of these photographers, such as @x_captain_kaos_x @fovmodels as mentioned above, and @hallandbroates , @clonetrooper_life66 @clonejourneys that brought me here, not as rival (OK, I don't know about that ­čśŐ) but as a friend. You all are amazing, and it's fun, lying down on my stomach or some Tai Chi position to get the best. Believe me, trial and error at first were common names in my head, but error was my best friend. But, where I am now, they are more of "acquaintances", if you will. Si just a big thank you for the constant support from where I started to now. Thank you and always, may the Force be with you. Also my entry for the Swspacebetween contest Starwarstheblackseries6inch Starwars Stormtroopersaturday Style 200followers Somuchwin @starwarstheblackseries Toydiscovery Toycrewbuddies Toygroup_alliance Toptoyphotography Toyplanet Toyslagram Toyplanet Toptoyphotos Toyboners 1142eatmyass Savage Tcb_darksideclub­čö┤ Atafamily Ata_dreadnoughts Atafamilyfriday Starwars TFA Fov_starwars _toysinaction_ l4l f4f toyphotography TGA_Hangover SWSpaceBetween
CT-879 saw his squad mates in the ditch. Seeing them like this...was like having someone drive a metal spike through his chest. They had been has best friends. They always were together during their cadet days. They never knew they would never see each other again. Pictured on the left is CT-881 and on the right CT-880. For CT-879, it was one of the worst experiences he had ever had in his life. They had been in a 12-hour firefight with their squadron. CT-879 was the only survivor from the 6th "Raging Rancors" Division. ____________________________________ Toyphotography Tcb_darksideclub­čö┤ Justanothertoygroup Toygroup_alliance Toyphotography TBSFF Toyboners Toptoyphotos Toyplanet Takeyourtoysoutside Ata_dreadnoughts Atafamily ATAT Onestepatatime @fovmodels @clonetrooper_life66 @clonetrooper_life66 @fovmodels @toptoyphotos @toyboners
Found this badass just lying around. Must have nearly scared him half to death, he must not like being disturbed during his "photo shoots" :). Thank you all for your continuous support as I will try to post more often. @fovmodels @starwarstheblackseries @x_captain_kaos_x @clonetrooper_life66 @clonejournals Ata_dreadnoughts Theblackseries Justanothertoygroup Toygroup_alliance Toptoyphotography Toptoyphotos Atafamilyfriday Atafamily Toyslagram Toysyn Toysyndicate Tcb_darksideclub­čö┤ Toysinaction F4F L4l Club Toyboners @toyboners Toypics Happy Previzsla Mando Mandolorian Jangofett