Batman: Why dont you kill me? Joker: I don't, I don't want to kill you! What would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, NO! No. You... you... COMPLETE me... Batman Joker JokerSunday Heathledger Agentofchaos Mezcobatman Mezcotoyz TheDarkKnightReturns Thedarkknight Joker Shfiguartsjoker SHfiguarts DC Dccomics DetectiveComics DcCollectibles Dcmultiverse Toyphotography Toycommunity Toyboners Ata Atadreadnoughts Toptoyphotos Weareagelessgeeks Epictoyart toysaremydrug anarchyalliance rebeltoysclub
JokerSunday Joker The Joker Action Figures Harley Quinn Batman Toysaremydrug Toycommunity Toyphotography Toy Photography Toygroup_alliance Harleyquinn
Contemplation of the clinically insane. Thejoker Nvrmoretoypics Toyphotography JokerSunday
Introduce a little anarchy.... Joker Joker Smile JokerSunday Dccomics DC Batman Toyslagram Ata_dreadnoughts Toysaremydrug Toycommunity Toyphotography Toygroup_alliance
JokerSunday The Joker Joker Harley Quinn Harleyquinn Toysaremydrug ACBA Toygroup_alliance Toyphotography Toy Photography Toycommunity Action Figures Toys
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Say 'ello to my little friend -------------- This lil fella came in the Arkham City pack of figures along with Harley Quinn, Batman, Nightwing and Robin -------------- JokerSunday
So for JokerSunday I thought I'd post this. It's my statue from the collector's edition of Arkhamorigins tried to get a close up but this is as close as I could get plus done a lil edit with Aviary :) Batman Darkknight Batmanfamily DC Dcuniverse Arkham Joker BatGeek BatFan FamilyOfBats Geek GeekandProud Gamer
Mad Love "Psychotic mass-murdering clowns and the women who love them." Joker JokerSunday Harleyquinn Harleenquinzel Madlove Valentines Valentinesday Happyvalentinesday Vday Batman BatmanTheAnimatedSeries DC Dccomics DcCollectibles Toyphotos Toyphotography Toycollecting Atadreadnoughts Ata Toyslagram Toycommunity Toyboners @toyboners Toptoyphotos Thebatforce Toyphotos toygroup_alliance btstp_id toygraphyid
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A man would have to put his soul at hazard. He would have to say "OK. I'll be a part of this world." Toycrewbuddies Ata_dreadnoughts Batman Thedarkknight Toypops Toypops2 Neca ThreeA Tcb_fb KidzBop JokerSunday Tcb_therustneverbotheranyway Neca
"A Tale Of Two Mistah J's" -------------------------------- Just a lil edit for JokerSunday 🃏 using my Arkham City Joker by Play Arts Kai & New 52 Joker. Hope you folks like it... and guess what? Not a single drop of rain in sight!
I cant wait to show you my toys... Joker JokerSunday Toyslagram Toptoyphotos DC DcCollectibles SHfiguarts Shfiguartsjoker Toyphotos Toycollecting Thebatforce Batman Dccomics Toyphotography Atadreadnoughts Toycommunity Toyphoto Agentofchaos Epictoyart Toysaremydrug Ata_dreadnoughts