As you sow so you reap

Prayer forms a major part of human beings.... It is such that even animals diverge in the devotion of GOD as it is the example of this monkey... It may seem to be a coincidence but animals do seem to express their feelings and devotion to GOD as they also are on this earth as part of their Karma (actions) as Hinduism or any other religion postulates... We should do good actions to receive positive results as as we say "As you Sow, So you Reap" meaning whatever actions we do has its results in this birth or the other... And maybe animals pray even with more Devotion and Piouness than human beings who now have become victims of their own actions.. SO A MAJOR APPEAL, RESPECT ANIMALS.... Things I LikeEyeEm Things I Like Photography Devotion Religion Monkey Monkeys Praying Monkey Respect Animals Food Grand Bassin Banana Coconut Incense Sticks Hindu Temple Hinduism Hindu Hanuman Hanumanji Karma Rebirth Actions As You Sow So You Reap