Not too impressed with the newer series, DELTA. The suit quality is bulkier, and is kinda cool, but they seemed to have lost a lot in color and detail. Here are a few old and new Halo Megabloks Toys Toy_nerds Phxtoypics Aztoypics Aztoys Phxtoys Toyphotography Toyfoto Photo Plastic Actionfigure Actionfigurephotography Toyjuice
To shoot or not to shoot Cobra Gijoe Dune Sandworm Beachhead Destro  Arrakis Acidrainworld Acidjoe Toys Toyphotography Actionfigures Actionfigurephotography Toy_nerds Phxtoys Aztoys Phxtoypics Aztoypics Ata_dreadnoughts Epictoyart Plastic Toyjuice
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