Did some more work with Broly tonight, what a great figure an I finally got round to using the crater effect! Broly Dragonballz Figuarts Anarchyalliance Ata_dreadnoughts Stonedacons Aftcuk 
You can run...but you'll just die tired. Bobafett Blackseries Anarchyalliance Ata_dreadnoughts Stonedacons MasterFX
Without doubt my favourite Autobot & maybe the best figure I have brought to date! Good call on the upgrade kit @cmdr_starscr3am 👍👊Autobot Perfecteffect Anarchyalliance Doom_picks Stonedacons MasterFX
"Full of bullet holes but always looking to crush some skulls!" Decepticon Stockade Hasbro Custom Anarchyalliance Toyslagram Stonedacons
Feeling green...One of my favourite colour schemes ever Acidstorm Decepticons Masterpiece Stonedacons
"With Soundwave gone we're his replacement" Anarchyalliance Aftcuk  Ata_dreadnoughts Actionfigurephotography Decepticons KFC Blackhawk Smackdown Stonedacons Swoutcasts Toyunion Toyboners Toygroup_alliance Virustoys Weymouth
"They're bad people. They deserve this. When they wake up in a cold sweat in the dead of night. I want it to be my face that haunts them!" Marvel Agentvenom Anarchyalliance Stonedacons Ata_dreadnoughts
Group shot! Pe11 Transformers Decepticon Reflector Anarchyalliance Ata_dreadnoughts Stonedacons MasterFX
A recon mission gone wrong. Pe11 Reflector Decepticon Anarchyalliance Ata_dreadnoughts Stonedacons PCSG MasterFX Aftcuk 
I get a bit carried away sometimes... Broly Dragonballz Figuarts Anarchyalliance Ata_dreadnoughts Stonedacons MasterFX
"Machine nor Magic is a match for me" Amazon Danbo Starwars Vader Marvel Ultron Anarchyalliance Toysaremydug Ata_dreadnoughts Toyelites Stonedacons
"Where are you heroes now?" Thanos Marvel Anarchyalliance Toyslagram Ata_dreadnoughts Stonedacons