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omfg just lost for words im just omg the amount of sexiness in one thing is too faint *faints* Marvelvillans Amazing Figures Ultron Hyperventilating Greatmood Geekingout Cantbreath Marvel Avengers Geekingout Figurecollecting Antman Wasp Nostrings Happynerd Manchild Diamondselect Disney Classic
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omg im so happy my package finally came!! it looks amazing!! Marvelselect Thanos Infinitewar Ladydeath Themadtitan Marvel Marvelcomics Villians Figurecollecting Figures Firstmarvelselect Geekingout
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Oh god all this sexiness in one package time to take ah zillion pictures Hyperventilating Amazingspiderman Marvel Marvellengends Figurecollecting Figures Geekingout SuperExcited Sexiness
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Taking the battle to him! Marvelvillans Marvel Greengoblinparts Marvellengends Amazingspiderman Superiorspiderman Figures Figurecollecting Geekingout
how far humanity has falling.Depending on these so called heros to fix your mistakes. Ultron Avengers AgeOfUltron Marvelvillans Marvelselect Marvellengends Classic Lovingthis Geekingout Ironman Tonystark Figurecollecting Figures Figuretime Soexcited Reallyhappy Comics Marveluniverse Villains  Heros Termination Geekingout Disney Diamondselect
omg freaking love this figure so awsome to get this for such a sweet deal! i love it and will cherish it forever!! cant wait to take pictures of this man Marvelvillans Zombies  Marvelselect Magneto Figureoftheday Figurecollecting Xmen Zombiemagneto Marvelzombie Magnetomonday Geekingout
Welcome to.the family Thanos!! and of course his lovely lady of death! Themadtitan Thanos Marvel Figurefight Figure Figurecollecting Geekingout GeekyAlexxArt Infiniteseries Mcu Infinitywars Ladydeath Lovethese
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Im the type of guy whos 19 years old and is still asking for figures on Christmas,yeaaaa No shame here. Happywinter HypeMofo Figurecollecting Figures Marvellengends Marvelselect Carnage Spiderman Thanos Omegared Xmen Marvel Greatmood Happyholidays
Got my first minimate box set i absolutely love em! Thanks to my bro @very_thing_awsome check em great collector. Diamondselect Ageogultron Mcu Marvel Avengers Captainamerica Thor  Figurelife Figurecollecting Collector Minimates Disney Toysrus Geekyguy Avengers2 Steverodgers Greatday
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Yess ive gotten him!! The brand new marvel lengends spiderman thank youuu to my brother @ish_amador i wouldnt have been able to get this figure with out his help! So big shoutouts to him.Now time to take this thing out the box Marvellengends Amazingspiderman Classicspiderman Comics Geekingout Figurelife Toysrus Figurecollecting Collecting Fantastic Figures Peterparker Manchild Collector Favorite Spidey Spideyverse Spiderblood Baf Disney Hasbro Nerd Happynerd Figureoftheday Lovingthis spiderman webhead
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*Sighs* why are you so beautiful cat Spidey Webhead Manchild Classicspiderman Marvellegends Mcu Marvelfigures Figurelife Collector Collecting Figures Figurecollecting Spiderman Baf Infinitieseries Romanse Inlove Favoritecouple Hasbro Disney Peterparker Feliciahardy BLackCat Holdinghands Happygeek
Omg okay seriously right now i am like so happy right now like beyond happy,seriously this day just was awsome Sothrilled Marvel Marvellengends Spiderman Geekingout Motivated Disabelief Soclose Onemore Figurecollecting Figures
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here he is out packaging and all posed up! now magneto his thriller on! great figure cant emphasize how much i love this figure was differently worth the price and wait. Marvelvillans Magneto Xmen Zombies  Marvelzombie Marvelselect Magnetomonday Lovethisfigure Fuckingawsome Figurecollecting Geekingout Lovingit SoAwsome Greatday
Youre not eddie??! Imposter!! Marvellegends Carnage Venom Agentvenom Figure Figurelife Marvel Mcu Figurecollector Spidey Amazingspiderman Flashtompson Spiderblood Figurecollecting Hasbro Disney Spiderman Infinitieseries Baf Symbiote Classicspiderman Manchild
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Soon... Greengoblin Marvellengends Figurecollecting Soon Excited