Random selfie finally back from annoying school just relieved I'm home Annoyed Bored Selfie Afterschool  Tired Hateschool Wensday Weaveonpoint Thinkingimcool Hotday Hot NotExcited Needsleep  DeathStare Weird Home Recent
After le showerrr Showerpower Selfie Weaveonpoint Wet Supermanshirt DCshirt Bored Happynerd Gottabekaiwaii Thinkingimcool Nerdyself Winterdays Roomlife Babyface Curlyhair
Getting dressed for prom,ill be sure to upload more figure pics tomorrow. Prom Suit Dressingfancy Selfie Excited Greatday Happygeek Tryingtobesexy Thinkingimcool Wensday Partytime