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"Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose." -Yoda Blackdeathcrew Starwars
Exiting the premesis. Anaheim here I come Bdcc7 Blackdeathcrew Hansolo Darthvader
I was trying to decide which T-shirt to wear and then I remembered, "let the wookie win." Blackdeathcrew Starwars Wookie
Awesome Christmas gift from @kismarylinmnroe Blackdeathcrew TheyCallMeBruce Brucelee OnitsukaTiger Kicks
Stay warm Blackdeathcrew
According to the curator at the Museum of Natural Science, this is the actual samurai helmet that George Lucas based Darth Vader's helmet design on. Blackdeathcrew Darthvader Samurai
@looloojen and @xjediladyx tagged me for Myviewrightnow I hope you Blackdeathcrew ladies enjoy the pretty flower. Nofilter
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And now this is Myviewrightnow as I was previously tagged by @looloojen and @xjediladyx of the mighty Blackdeathcrew Nofilter
Holiday Season Complete!!! Welcome 2014 Blackdeathcrew
Blackseries Bobafett Blackdeathcrew Toyphotography