First a goth asthmatic guy that can choke you with his mind, teddy bears, then an exhaust port as the achilles heel of a planet destroying Space Station!? Now what do we do? Forceworldproblems Stormtrooper Drunktoys Toyplanet_challenge_phoneonly
BB-8 can't catch a break. Krashes_502nd Krashes_kustoms ForceAwakens Bb8 Forceworldproblems
These repacks are getting out of control!! Firstorderproblems Forceworldproblems
Hey First order, when my nose itches I can scratch and pick it. How bout you? Forceworldproblems Firstorderproblems WTF Hasbro Droppedtheball Blackseries Palpatine Starwars Starwarstoys Starwarsfigures
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