Captain Ryan and private Weizkopf pulled off the ariel display of the day with a double team para-leafing and leaf surfing combo. They're ready for the big-time now! Here we come USA! Captainryan Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Paraleafing Starwarsblackseries Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Toyphotography Afosw Toyunion @toydiscovery Toydiscovery @toyoutsiders Toyoutsiders Toyslagram_Starwars Toys4life Justanothertoygroup @zifu_toys Zifu_toys
Inspired by the East Coast Para-leafing team of @x_captain_kaos_x , Norman wants to go to the next try-outs. Unfortunately he is afraid of the dark and decided that practicing indoors, from the top of the kitchen cabinets was a good place to start........luckily the washing machine broke his fall! He intends to try again and compete with his US counterparts. Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarsblackseries Toyphotography Toysalive Toysaremydrug Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toyslagram Justanothertoygroup Starwars Toycrewbuddies Paraleafing
Dusky jump on a Saturday, captain Ryan likes to squeeze as much of the daylight in as he can. His love of para-leafing is also his release which he needs since finding out that, they were the droids he was looking for and, Lord vader finds his lack of observation disturbing! He secretly hopes his leaf will fail at some point! Captainryan Paraleafing Stressrelief Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Starwarsblackseries Stormtrooper Afosw Toyphotography Toyunion @toydiscovery Toydiscovery Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Tgif_toys @tgif_toys Toysaremydrug Toysalive Toyslagram_Starwars Starwars @zifu_toys Zifu_toys
Different leafboard angle, need a higher tree and a wider angle! Normanthetrooper Toyslagram_Starwars Toyphotography Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Paraleafing Zifu_toys Tgif_toys
Captain Ryan takes a solo flight with a close fly-by for the cameras. Show off! Toyphotography Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Toysaremydrug Toysalive Toysaliance Starwarsblackseries Stormtrooper Afosw Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Zifu_toys @zifu_toys @tgif_toys Tgif_toys Paraleafing Captainryan Topstarwarsphoto Toptoyphotos
Not to be outdone, Norman puts a spin on the para-leafing world by carving the air on a leafboard! The crowd is in awe! 😁 Toyslagram_Starwars Toyphotography Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Afosw Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Salaciouscrumb Stormtrooper Starwarsblackseries Justanothertoygroup Toys4life Toysaremydrug Paraleafing
The leaves are too limp for Paraleafing so Norman goes for a bit of surfing instead. πŸ‘ Normanthetrooper Scottythebikerscout Stormtrooper Bikerscout Speederbikes Starwars Starwarselite Toyptoyphotography Toypops Toptoyphotos Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toyslagram_Starwars Starwarsblackseries Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Toysaremydrug Toysalive Toysplaying Toyoutsiders Toyunion Justanothertoygroup Epistolary Toydiscovery Toyartistry