Norman finally pulls off the perfect kickflip inmy kitchen! Go Norman! Normanthetrooper Starwars Afosw Toyphotography Toysalive Toyslagram Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toyartistry Toysaremydrug Stormtrooper Ollie Kickflip Skater Skateboarding Skatecrunch Starwarsblackseries @starwarsblackseries Onlytroopersaresoprecise
Right you three, you heard the guys at @realworldtoys it's over! Now get gone before i force choke the lot of you! Rwt_imperialmarch Stormtroopers Starwars3lite Toyoutsiders Toyphotography Toyark Toptoyphotos Toydiscovery Toycrewbuddies Toysaremydrug Toys4life Toyunion Wheretoysdwell Justanothertoygroup Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toyfusion Toygroup_alliance Toyrevolution Epictoyart Normanthetrooper
After an intense squirrel feeding session they head back to base, captain Ryan is still on watch ror rogue rebel squirrels. Toyptoyphotography Toyoutsiders Toydiscovery Toyslagram_Starwars Starwarsblackseries Starwarselite Stormtroopers Normanthetrooper Captainryan Toysaremydrug Epictoyart Toptoyphotos Wheretoysdwell Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Toy_syn
So Norman decided the best way to test the support of a new mattress was to leap from the top shelf of the clothes rail onto the bed........needless to say he still doesn't know what the mattress feels like but has intimate knowledge of the carpet. Normanthetrooper Starwarsclique Starwars Stormtrooper Toysalive Toyphotography Toysaremydrug Toyunion Toyartistry Afosw Toyslagram Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toycrewbuddies Starwarsblackseries
Captain Ryan and private Weizkopf pulled off the ariel display of the day with a double team para-leafing and leaf surfing combo. They're ready for the big-time now! Here we come USA! Captainryan Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Paraleafing Starwarsblackseries Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Toyphotography Afosw Toyunion @toydiscovery Toydiscovery @toyoutsiders Toyoutsiders Toyslagram_Starwars Toys4life Justanothertoygroup @zifu_toys Zifu_toys
No one gets left behind. Captainryan Normanthetrooper Starwarsblackseries Stormtrooper Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Starwars Afosw Toyslagram_Starwars Toyphotography Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Toys4life Justanothertoygroup Toysalive Tgif_toys @tgif_toys Zifu_toys
Norman pulls off a back-side grab over iron man's you do!! Normanthetrooper Starwars_3lite @starwars_3lite Salaciouscrumb Stormtrooper Toyphotography Toysalive Toysaremydrug Toyslagram Starwars Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Skateboarding Skatecrunch @skatecrunchmag Blackseries Onlytroopersaresoprecise
'Deathstar comander, come in....this is Private Weizkopf requesting immediate evac, repeat, immediate evac! Over! ' Captain Ryan provides cover as norm attempts to make radii contact, 'you might wanna hurry up there!!' 'I've tried everything but I've had nothing since the whole, boring conversation comment! Just static! Rebel hostiles are closing in, captain Ryan needs to think fast if they're gonna get out of this in one piece! Captainryan Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarsblackseries Starwars Afosw Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Toyptoyphotography Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toyslagram_Starwars Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Zifu_toys @zifu_toys Toys4life Toysalive Justanothertoygroup Toyartistry Tgif_toys @tgif_toys Huntingrebelscum
Endor patrol secure the perimeter. Stormtroopers Starwars3lite Toyoutsiders Toyphotography Toyark Toptoyphotos Toydiscovery Toycrewbuddies Toysaremydrug Toys4life Toyunion Wheretoysdwell Justanothertoygroup Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toyfusion Toygroup_alliance Toyrevolution Epictoyart Normanthetrooper Starwarsblackseries Rwt_imperialmarch
Private "Stormin" Norman Weizkopf assumed his newest role as Walker of the imperial ATST younglings. He just hoped to see some.real.action one day. Starwars Toyphotography Normanthetrooper Justwalkinthedog Legostarwars LEGO Afol Atst Scoutwalker Toyslagram Toyunion Toycommunity Starwarsblackseries @starwarsblackseries Onlytroopersaresoprecise
Norman had no option but to run. Rebel forces were closing in and he still had no radio contact. Tired but determined, he wasn't about to quit now! Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarsblackseries Starwars Starwarselite Toyptoyphotography Toyoutsiders Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toyslagram_Starwars Afosw Toydiscovery Toyunion Justanothertoygroup Toyartistry Toysaremydrug Huntingrebelscum Wheretoysdwell
Inspired by the East Coast Para-leafing team of @x_captain_kaos_x , Norman wants to go to the next try-outs. Unfortunately he is afraid of the dark and decided that practicing indoors, from the top of the kitchen cabinets was a good place to start........luckily the washing machine broke his fall! He intends to try again and compete with his US counterparts. Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarsblackseries Toyphotography Toysalive Toysaremydrug Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toyslagram Justanothertoygroup Starwars Toycrewbuddies Paraleafing
Geoff said he'd be happy to give Norman a lift! 😁 Normanthetrooper Geoffthexenomorph Afosw Toyphotography Toysalive Toyunion @toydiscovery Toydiscovery Toyslagram_Starwars Toyslagram Toysaremydrug Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Alien Xenomorph Toyoutsiders
Norman got some extra work modeling for the Deathstar worker magazine. Casual! Normanthetrooper Starwars Afosw Toyphotography Toysalive Toyslagram Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Stormtrooper . Starwarsblackseries @starwarsblackseries Starwarselite Onlytroopersaresoprecise
The heat became too much, he had to remove that damm helmet. Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarsblackseries Starters Afosw Toyphotography Toysalive Toysaremydrug Toyslagram Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toycrewbuddies Toycommunity Justanothertoygroup Toyunion Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders
Behind the lines. Toyptoyphotography Starwarselite Toyslagram_Starwars Normanthetrooper Captainryan Stormtrooper Afosw Toyunion Zifu_toys @zifu_toys Tgif_toys @tgif_toys Toysaremydrug Toysalive Toyalliance Justanothertoygroup
The demise of the empire left the friends jobless and homeless. Sgt Collins was trying to console Scotty and tell him that it'd all be ok, Norm just kept quiet and tended to the oil can heater. Winter was coming, it was gonna get worse. Scottythebikerscout Sgtcollins Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Bikerscout Toyptoyphotography Toypops Toyunion Toydiscovery Toyslagram_Starwars Starwarselite Starwarsblackseries Toyoutsiders Toptoyphotos Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toysaremydrug Epictoyart Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Topstarwarsphoto Tga_best_of_2015 Toygroup_alliance Toyslagram Toyslagram_best_2015
Together we stand. Toyptoyphotography Toyunion Toypops Afosw Starwarselite Starwarsblackseries Normanthetrooper Scottythebikerscout Sgtcollins Bikerscout Stormtrooper Starwars Toyslagram_Starwars Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toyartistry Toysaremydrug Toydiscovery Toyoutsiders Justanothertoygroup Huntingrebelscum Wheretoysdwell Toptoyphotos
Private Weizkopf found a route down from the rocky ridge he had been following. There had been no signs of life for some time now but he could hear water. Sea, river? It didn't matter, all he knew was it meant hope. Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Starwarsblackseries Toyphotography Toyunion @toydiscovery Toydiscovery Toysaremydrug Toyslagram Toycrewbuddies Afosw Starwars Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders
Norman loves his new toothless toy! "neeeerrrrooow peew peew rrreaaarrw!" Normanthetrooper Toyphotography Toysalive Toysaremydrug Toyslagram Toycommunity Toycrewbuddies Toys Starwars Starwarsclique Dragonsriderofberk Toothless Toyunion Toyartistry Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Onlytroopersaresoprecise
The long walk home. Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarsblackseries Starwarselite Salaciouscrumb @starwars_3lite Toyphotography Toysalive Toysaremydrug Toycrewbuddies Toycommunity Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toyslagram Justanothertoygroup Toyunion Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders
There is a large, flat, round world known as Discworld, this fantastical place floats through the cosmos, not of its own accord, but perched on the back of four large elephants. These elephants in turn, ride upon the back of a giant celestial turtle named Great Atuin who glides around the infinite stellar.........what is less known is the Great Atuin is steered by 'Stormin' Norman Weizkopf, the last surviving stormtrooper from the demise of a once powerfull battle station known only as the Deathstar. He caught the neck of the giant turtle as it passed by endor after he had been blown clean out into space and there he has stayed. Now you can't see it but he has the biggest smile on his face. Terrypratchett Discworld Greatatuin Toyptoyphotography Toyunion Toyoutsiders Naturalhistorymuseumlondon Toypops Justanothertoygroup Toyslagram_Starwars Starwarsblackseries Stormtrooper Normanthetrooper Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Epictoyart
Norman was so comfortable that he didn't notice hos "lovely fluffy pillow" wake up!! Starters Normanthetrooper Toyphotography Bigboystoys Qctionfigures Actionfigurephotography Cats Jinx Mycat Stormtrooper Toycrewbuddies Toystagram Starwarsblackseries @starwarsblackseries
Toyptoyphotography Toyslagram_Starwars Starwarselite Normanthetrooper Scottythebikerscout Stormtrooper Bikerscout Speederbikes Leafsurfing Toyoutsiders Toypops Toyunion Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toysplaying Justanothertoygroup Toptoyphotos Toyartistry Starwarsblackseries Toydiscovery Toysaremydrug Epictoyart
He must have walked 15 miles of deserted coastline. Mud to the left, clifs to the right but he could still see the green and pleasant land. Question is.....can he reach it! Life support system stutters........hell be baked in his suit if he doesn't find help soon. Toyphotography Toysalive Toysaremydrug Toyslagram Afosw Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Starwars Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarsblackseries Toycrewbuddies Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toyunion Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Zifu_toys Toptoyphotos Topstarwarsphoto
Different leafboard angle, need a higher tree and a wider angle! Normanthetrooper Toyslagram_Starwars Toyphotography Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Paraleafing Zifu_toys Tgif_toys
Just a different angle using layers still gotta work on my skills. Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper @skatecrunchmag Skatecrunch Skateboarding Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Salaciouscrumb Toyphotography Toysalive Toyslagram Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Toysaremydrug Blackseries
Norman and Geoff seem to have got off on the wrong foot! Alternative angle not sure if it's better!! Toyslagram_Starwars Toyoutsiders Starwarsblackseries Toyphotography Toyunion Justanothertoygroup Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Salaciouscrumb Normanthetrooper Geoffthexenomorph Alien Xenomorph
Reservoir Troopers. Resevoirdogs Toyphotography Sgtcollins Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarselite Afosw Wheretoysdwell Toyartistry Starwarsblackseries Standoff Toydiscovery Toyunion Toyslagram_Starwars Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toys4life Toysaremydrug Toysalive Toysaliance Toptoyphotos
Not the best shot, just trying to get some realistic slobber! Normanthetrooper Geoffthexenomorph Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders Toyphotography Toyslagram_Starwars Toyunion Toydiscovery @toydiscovery Justanothertoygroup Starwarselite @starwars_3lite Starwarsblackseries Stormtrooper Xenomorph Tgif_toys @tgif_toys
Such a nature lover, nothing he likes better than feeding wild rats cheese and onion crisps! Normanthetrooper Rats Wildlife Ukwildlife Toyphotography Toysalive Toysaremydrug Toyslagram Toycrewbuddies Toyunion Starwarsclique Starwars Stormtrooper Leazespark Newcastlecitycentre Onlytroopersaresoprecise
The leaves are too limp for Paraleafing so Norman goes for a bit of surfing instead. πŸ‘ Normanthetrooper Scottythebikerscout Stormtrooper Bikerscout Speederbikes Starwars Starwarselite Toyptoyphotography Toypops Toptoyphotos Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toyslagram_Starwars Starwarsblackseries Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Toysaremydrug Toysalive Toysplaying Toyoutsiders Toyunion Justanothertoygroup Epistolary Toydiscovery Toyartistry
Corporal Weizkopf could hear them all around him in the trees but in the dim light of his torch he was just aimlessly shooting at hindsight it could be daylight and they could be perfectly still and he'd still be shooting at shadows! Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Starwarselite Starwarsblackseries Huntingrebelscum Toyptoyphotography Toydiscovery Toyunion Toyslagram_Starwars Afosw Toyoutsiders Toptoyphotos Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Epictoyart Tga_best_of_2015 Tgif_toys Zifu_toys Toygroup_alliance Toysaremydrug Toy_syn
Messing about with some effects and outside photography, can't seem to get any motion in the speeder! Tips and/ or advice anyone! Toyphotography Funwithtoys Normanthetrooper Starwarsclique Starwars Stormtrooper Speederbike Toysalive Toyslagram Toysaremydrug Toyunion @toydiscovery Toydiscovery Onlytroopersaresoprecise Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders
Norman's Michael Jackson inspired dance routine not only got him a standing ovation at the Deathstar talent contest he also got free drinks at the Moss eisley cantina. Nice one Norman. πŸ‘ Normanthetrooper Starwars Afosw Stormtrooper Toyphotography Toyslagram Toypops Toysalive Toysaliance Toyartistry Toycommunity Toydiscovery Starwarsblackseries @starwarsblackseries Onlytroopersaresoprecise
On the way home from a heavy session at the Mos Eisley Cantina Bar Geoff tells Norm to get into old Ben's wheely bin so he can pretend its a pod racer....Norm is having a great time, "Wooooo! Its like a roler coaster!" .....Norm gets sick on roler coasters, this was no exception! Realmofcollectorschallenge Stormtroopers Starwars3lite Toyoutsiders Toyphotography Toyark Toptoyphotos Toydiscovery Toycrewbuddies Toysaremydrug Toys4life Toyunion Wheretoysdwell Justanothertoygroup Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Toyfusion Toygroup_alliance Toyrevolution Epictoyart Xenomorph Geoffthexenomorph Normanthetrooper Rwt_imperialmarch
Norm, Derek and Scotty the biker scout are finishing off the last minute wrapping and card writing. Hope you have yours all sorted! MERRY CHRISTMAS INSTAGRAM wishing you all the very best, Dave. πŸ‘ŠπŸŽ„πŸŽ Toyptoyphotography Toysplaying Toydiscovery Toyunion Toyslagram_Starwars Toyslagram Wheretoysdwell Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Epictoyart Toptoyphotos Toy_syn Starwarselite Scottythebikerscout Normanthetrooper Stormtroopers Toyartistry Toysaremydrug
🎊**200** followers! πŸŽ‰ I promised the guys a break when we got to 200 followers and I caught up with them earlier, reminiscing about their trials and tribulations from their past 9 months on IG. Cap'n Ryan does a quick weapons inventory while Sgt Collins tells the story about his missing arm which Scotty always finds too funny! Norm, the founder of the group just chills, happy to see his team relax. That party ain't gonna last long, 2016 is gonna be busy! Massive thank you to all my followers, can't believe I reached 200!!! Got some great ideas to come just hope I can pull them off! 😁 Toyphotography Toptoyphotos Toyslagram_Starwars 200followers Toygroup_alliance Starwarselite Toyunion Toydiscovery Afosw Toysaremydrug Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Toyartistry Zifu_toys Tgif_toys Wheretoysdwell Normanthetrooper Captainryan Scottythebikerscout Sgtcollins
Norman had never been to the park before, he spotted a seagull and panicked! Thought it was an x-wing! Toyphotography Toysalive Toys Normanthetrooper Stormtrooper Afosw Toyunion Toycrewbuddies Toyslagram Leazespark Newcastlecitycentre @starwars_3lite Starwars_elite Toyoutsiders @toyoutsiders
Norm is doing a good deed for Christmas and feeding the local wildlife, captain Ryan is a little more weary and keeps it covered just in case. Toyptoyphotography Toyoutsiders Toydiscovery Starwarselite Starwarsblackseries Stormtroopers Normanthetrooper Captainryan Epictoyart Toy_syn Toptoyphotos Wheretoysdwell_photofeatures Wheretoysdwell Saltwellpark Toysplaying Toygroup_alliance Tga_best_of_2015 Toyslagram Toyslagram_best_2015