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It's always nice when the precious little ones find a new safe place to call home! Spring Springtime Love And Light Photography Birds Birdhouse Keep Me Posted EyeEm Gallery Eye4photography  You Got This Strength Of A Solider Don't Ever Doubt Holding You Close To Be Continued... Dreamtime Visits Cape On Keeping The Faith Right There Soul Work Going The Distance Constantly Mindful Twinners Doing Better! Windows Of My World As Close As I Ever Was!
Sometimes a road trip is just the right thing! Road Trip EyeEm Gallery Windows Of My World Eye4photography  Clouds And Sky Signposts You Got This Inspired Daily Strength Of A Solider Don't Ever Doubt Stopsign - Bulldog Creek I Feel You Going The Distance Soul Work Keep Me Posted Breathing Right There Holding You Close Keeping The Faith Read Study Pray Photography Cape On To Be Continued... Love And Light Dreamtime Visits