“je ne regrette rien”  i regret nothing In my younger years, I regret everything that happened in my unsubstantial life. I regret my decisions, me saying “yes” all the time, and the path I chose as to where it leads me now. But it boils down to the fact that I am never confident of who I was before (and even the person I became). I am scared all the time, not willing to take the leap over something I love. My doors are only open for things that can be achieved overnight. I regret opening up to a lot of people - a lot of people who doesn’t even give a damn. And I regret being close to these people. “Destroyed” is an understatement. They don’t destroy me, they ruined me, without any idea that I might fall apart. They ruined me until there is nothing left of me but hatred for myself and sadness for all the memories they’ve taken advantage of. This is not the life I am supposed to be dwelling with. This is not the path I intended to take a part with. So……….. in regards of putting my failures back together, I have this new mantra: “I regret nothing” (absolutely nothing). Every adventure, every failures, every people I meet has a purpose. So I should not regret every single thing that happened and will happen in a long run. I deserve some peace of mind after all. Methough Tolentinojournal Tumblr