He did not spend a lot of time with us. They put a tube into his throat and he was ready to go back to the oncology ward at his hospital. He did not believe it would work. “I will never quit smoking” - he whispered covering the hole in his throat with his hand – “it makes no sense now”. We spoke a few times afterwards although it was not easy. He had problems talking and I had problems hearing but still we managed to chat about life, how it passes without even making you realize that. Most of the time when you do come to that conclusion you are at the end of your journey. I try to keep in touch with him. Lately his cancer has spread and January 12th 2009 he went back to the hospital. ------------------------ In march 2008 I was diagnosed with cancer and as a result had to undergo a surgery. This piece of news came to me as a shock. From June until August I spent a lot of time as a patient but nevertheless I decided to take advantage of this life experience and my stay at the hospital and deal with it as if it had been just another subject of my work, a chance to tell a story about people left somewhere between life and death. I chose a very traditional piece of equipment for this task as I used Zorka 4 with 2,8/35 and 8/28 lenses although sometimes I made use of Canon QL 17 as well. I came to this decision for many reasons. Firstly, I did not want to be perceived as a professional photo-journalist and thus create a fuss with my professional camera. Secondly, I simply found it perfect for the job as it was silent and very stable. What is more, this equipment requires full manual attention and accuracy. With all the free-time was in abundance it helped me to take the cancer off my mind. Finally, it was a rather sentimental return to the beginning of my career as I was taking into consideration the possibility that this subject could be my last one. Analogue Photography Black & White Healthcare Hospital Medicine Analog Photography Bad Habit Black And White Cigarette  Disease Front View Healthcare And Medicine Hospital Life Ill Illness Lifestyles Looking At Camera One Person Patients Portrait Real People Senior Adult Smoker Suffering Tracheotomy The Week On EyeEm
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